Friday, May 10, 2019

Best Filter On the Market Today? Katadyn BeFree 3L Water Filter Review

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Up for review today is the Katadyn BeFree Water Filtration System 1L.  Luke loves the filter but....that bottle is strange!


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Price : $44


  1. Nice review, Luke and Susie. I considered buying one of these until I watched a buddy of mine struggle with the bag flopping in every direction. It was quite humorous. I settled on a Vapur eet, two 1 liter bags with one having a filter. I liked them due to the fact that when they contain water they stand up on a flat surface. The one without the filter can be rolled into a baseball size and secured with the band located below the mouth. The filtered one can be folded in half and secured with the same band I found two mole sleeves the bottle will fit in when containing water. When full the weight is 2.5lbs and .3 ounces empty. Mine are OD green as they come is several different colors. Some years ago the Vapur was number one on the Backpacker Magazine list.

  2. I've been testing a pretty cool product called Grayl Ultralight Purifier Bottle which can process 500ml of water in 15 seconds per the brochure. It takes me around 20 seconds using the palms of my hands. If you use knee pressure 15 seconds is true. My bottle is fairly new and there may be a "break-in" period. It works well and what I love about it is that the funky taste is eliminated by the purifying cartridge.I found it on Amazon for $59.95 and there is a 550ml version for $84.95. Using it I have managed to save nearly 3lbs of pack weight. I carry 1L Smart Water bottle instead of two. The Grayl stays empty until I reach my favorite stealth camping site. I ordered a second one to put in my Jeep's emergency kit. Luke and Susie, you guys are incredible and you're a valuable asset to us out here seeking the best gear for our achievable price points. Thank you! A. Weaver

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