Friday, May 24, 2019

Survival Overnight Adventure - Lost on the Trail with only the Emergency...

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This is the very first Survival Overnight adventure where I head into the woods with very little in terms of food, gear, clothing, and so on.  The focus of this trip is an emergency shelter which is known as the Pocket Super Shelter and it is time to see how well that it holds up as an emergency option.

In this episode you will see a beautiful remote forest, bears, deer, owls, and experience real survival with temps close to freezing with absolutely no overnight gear.


  1. Nice job Luke. Do you think the fire added that much to the internal temp, or could it have been more of your reflected body temp.?
    Curious as to the UST Tube Tent/Tarp. Similar but different to what you used in this adventure.

  2. Super review as usual, thanks for sharing the TRUTH!