Monday, May 4, 2020

The Camp Chair That I Use - OneTigris Folding Camo Chair

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Luke is finally ready to share his review of the OneTigris Multicam Folding Camo Chair!  This is one of the most asked about products that his viewers have seen him using and he's here to go over the pros and the cons in this Agenda Free Review.

Agenda Free Link :

Price : $70 from the OneTigris web site.  $115 on Aliexpress…..which is way to high in my opinion.

Color : MultiCam

Weight : 2.2lb/1kg

USA licensed MultiCam® 500D Cordura Nylon fabric of durability and dirt/water/scratch resistance

7075 aluminum alloy frame weighing only 2.2lb (1kg) with 264lb (120kg) weight capacity

Foldable frame with detachable fabric

2 side pockets for holding your phones, snacks and other small items

2 utility loops for clipping on outdoor mugs, folding knives, water bottles, etc.

3.5” by 5.5” patch panel at the back for customization with morale patches and name patches

Dimensions : Setup – 22.4”*19.6”*25.6”/57cm*50cm*65cm

Folded –13.7”*4.7”*3.9”/35cm*12cm*10cm

Review Pros :

Excellent quality chair

Easy to setup

Easy to break down


I like the camo

Works well inside of a truck when overlanding, inside of a hot tent or around a camp fire

Good weight limit

Good height for average height individuals

Review Cons :

Price is high – chairs with the same design can be as inexpensive as $20.  They aren’t made from Cordora but are strong enough

Storage bag is a little small

Question :

With similar products on the market, is it work the price to purchase this chair for the camo and for the higher end materials?  That is a question which only you can answer.


  1. Doesn’t appear to be available anymore- no longer on their website. That’s a shame. Was interested in getting one.

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