Monday, July 27, 2020

Complete Failure - Sierra Designs Crescent 2 Person Tent – Real Review

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Luke has been testing out the Target Exclusive Sierra Designs Crescent 2 Person Tent and as he suspected, it doesn't live up to the claims which have been made by Target nor Sierra Designs.

Why would they even release this tent?

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This is a very inexpensive tent which I got in for the sake of reviewing as I am always looking for a good quality tent that I can recommend.

Even before getting this tent in, I had my concerns based upon the materials of the tent and also the hydrostatic head rating.

Even with my concerns, I gave this tent a chance to prove me wrong but unfortunately my worries and concerns were warranted as this tent has simply failed in its most important job.

You may be wondering why I am reviewing this tent and the answer is simple; these type of tents sell more than any other; the cost is low and those who are thinking about getting out for the first time will be drawn to it especially when they see how much the average tent costs.

With that being said, with this review, I am focusing specifically on the pros and cons and my thoughts; I have done a preview on it if you are interested to learn more about it once the review is done.

Cost : $60

Weight : 6.5lbs

Body Waterproof Rating : 600mm

Rainfly Material : 185T taffeta Polyester

Pole Material : Fiberglass

Review Pros :

will keep the bugs outs

fairly easy to setup – takes 10 minutes or less

Good size

colors are ok

Review Cons :

Inexpensive – most of the time this is a pro but in this case, the quality was lowered to the point where the tent can’t be recommended; quality over price!

Not waterproof – I’ve done one initial rain test which involved around an hour of mostly light rain with 10 minutes being moderate rainfall. The tent leaked in numerous locations and is not weather ready.

Heavy – car camping weight

Fly has to be velcroed to the poles for proper form;

Summary :

To put it bluntly, I recommend this tent to only those who live in dry airid locations. That’s it.

If there is a chance of rain, forget it.

It isn’t waterproof and it simply can’t protect you if the conditions take a turn for the worst. It can handle a light shower but will ultimately soak through. Because of that, this tent shouldn’t be used any further than you backyard. If rain comes in, based on the leaking that I have had with mine, you needed to be able to escape to cover.

I don’t recommend it for car camping.

I’m always looking for a good deal when it comes to outdoor products but I’ll never give something a free pass when it fails at what the company stats that the product is capable of.

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