Monday, November 23, 2020

LiteFighter Military Tent 4 Season Conversion Kit

Have you ever wanted to convert your 3 season summer tent into a 4 season winter tent?
This is a product that I have been waiting to show off all year and finally it is beginning to get cold enough to use and to begin testing it out. The purpose of this product is to act as an add-on for the LiteFighter military tents as it converts their 3 season tent to a 4 season tent by adding a layer of rip-stop nylon over the top of the existing mesh fabric which holds in warmth and blocks wind from circulating inside of your tent.

This is the LiteFighter 1 – Cold Weather Kit (Windbreaker) and it is going into testing now. 
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LiteFighter 1 – Cold Weather Kit (Windbreaker)

While I can’t comment on how effective it is yet I can tell you that if this works as it is meant to, it could be a game changer as far as 3 season tent use within the 4th season.

In the warmer months, you run the tent as-is but when the temps drop, you grab the cold weather kit and you can stay far warmer by holding in some warmer air and by blocking the wind.

At the same time, you still retain all of the ventilation performance of the original tent design.

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Price : $102.15

Weight : 14.6oz

Materials : 30 Denier water resistant nylon.

From the Company :

The LiteFighter 1 Cold Weather Kit adds a custom windbreaker layer and snow/sand anchors to the LiteFighter 1 Individual tent. This windbreaker is made out of a lightweight 30 Denier water resistant nylon.

It is compatible with all LiteFighter one-man tents and attaches onto the inner tent. The windbreaker covers all of the exposed mesh on the inner tent and allows the system to retain body heat while decreasing the amount of wind that circulates through the tent. Since the system sits directly on the mesh it still allows air to pass in between the windbreaker and rainfly, and eliminates condensation inside of the inner tent. Four included snow/sand Rip-Stop tent anchors offer more holding power than similar-sized aluminum anchors, but at half the weight.
Included with the LiteFighter 1 Cold Weather Kit

Wind breaker cold weather inner tent cover.
4 snow/sand anchors designed for filling with snow or sand.

Going into testing now and my review will be coming up into the future.

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  1. Thanks Luke, you just gave me a great idea for modding my existing tent. Just ordered parts.