Thursday, February 16, 2023

A Heater For Tents and Vehicles - Kovea Cupid Heater Review

Have you been looking for a small heater that you can use in your tent as well as your vehicle?

The Cupid is a lightweight and compact Butane heater - it’s made by Kovea which is a Korean company

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Kovea Cupid Heater   :

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Kovea Cupid Heater

Dimensions : 10.3” x 7” x 5.3”

Weight : 3lbs

Fuel : Butane

BTU’s : I’ve read conflicting information concerning this stat; the Amazon listing states 5,633 but the Kovea USA listing states 3,333.  If I had to guess based upon my experiences with this stove, it feels like 3,333 to me.  

Price : At the time of filming, $110 on Amazon and the retail price is $140

Review Pros :
Fair performance considering the small size of the heater; efficient for smaller spaces - use in a tent, in a smaller vehicle, smaller space.  It is not comparable to a buddy heater in terms of overall heat performance but it’s not the same size either.  

Talking about performance, up to 4 hours on low, almost 2 hours on high.  There isn’t a huge difference in terms of heat output between low and high so running this in the middle will provide the overall best performance with good fuel efficiency. By the way, I stated in a previous adventure that I had heard that these stoves will run for as much as 6 hours on one can of fuel but after testing this out throughly, that isn’t accurate at all.

- Easy to Use - easy to operate, easy to insert and eject fuel canisters
- Small form factor - compact 
- Lightweight 
- Ignitor works very well.
- Takes very little time for the heater to warm up - how quickly will it warm up your space? Depends on how big it is.
- Low noise
- Heater is well shielded - under the stove stays cool
- Excellent build quality including the ceramic heating place
- Storage box is included but I’ll be honest, it is CHEAP in every sense of the word.  

Review Cons :

- More expensive than many butane heaters; many run around $80.
- Butane isn’t the best performer in cold conditions - with that being said, I’ve ran this heater down to 20F without any issues but I had to warm up the fuel beforehand.
- The company states that this stove has an Auto Shut Off Feature but doesn’t specify how it works exactly.  I’m assuming that it involves the stove being knocked over.  From what I have read, there are no oxygen sensors or anything like that; like with all heaters, you have to be careful with not only the heater but with air flow.  A good carbon monoxide detector would be recommended.
- Requires a fair amount of care to use safely. More so than say a Buddy Heater for an example. 
- The retail price is too high for this stove in my opinion; $140 is high and if you look around, you can find Buddy Heaters for that price or even less and they are substantially more powerful. 
- I’ve had an issue with this stove involving built up fuel pressure; this was detailed in the video.

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