Tuesday, August 22, 2023

OneTigris Fixed a Major Flaw with the Tetra Tents Thanks To TOGR

Thanks to the hard work of TOGR, there are new versions of the Tetra Tents and they recently hit the market with a major improvement!

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Small Tetra 130 Link : https://amzn.to/3QF4N8Y

Larger Tetra 160 Link : https://amzn.to/3QE60gO

Green Elephant Poles : https://amzn.to/3ssRwnX
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Which One To Choose? - OneTigris Tetra Tents Review

Versions : Larger version is called the 160 and the smaller version is called the 130. 

The larger version includes a center pole, the smaller version doesn’t. The larger version features an integrated inner whereas the smaller doesn’t.  The larger version has a snow skit which the smaller version doesn’t.

Color : Urban Gray

Materials : 20D Silicone and PU Coated Nylon 
YKK zippers
aluminum pole

Waterproof rating : 3000mm

Small Tetra Packed : 15.7” x 5.9”

Large Tetra Packed : 17.3” x 6.3”

Small Tetra Setup : 4.3ft tall x 7.2ft deep x 7.5ft wide

Large Tetra Setup : 5ft 3” tall x 7.2ft deep x 7.8ft wide

Small Tetra : 2.4lbs

Large Tetra : 4lbs

Small Tetra : $130

Large Tetra : $180

Review Pros :
Since these tents are virtually the same, many of the pros apply to each model.

- Excellent quality for both tents

- Both are exceptionally easy to set up

- Price - for both tents, you are getting top notch materials, great designs and both are very fairly priced.  

- Good amount of space with the larger tent offering even more. 

Even the small tent is large enough to house a cot. The larger version is going to be a great option for taller individuals

- Excellent weights for both tents

- Small form factors for both

- Totally Waterproof 

- Great Ventilation 

- The porch is a great feature to this tent as it does offer some protection from wind and the elements such as rain. 

Review Cons :

- Poor Quality Cords on the tent stakes.
- The large vent in the back of the tents isn’t sealable.

- Smaller Version : No pole is included

- Limited Use of the Porch

- With the larger tent, it's only a 1 person, not 2.

- Bizarre guy line points - limits use of tent. OneTigris really needs to fix this with future versions of this tent - this is a big oversight.

Which would I select to purchase?

With the two Tetra tents, as you can see they are very close to being the same with the ultimate difference being the bug inner. 

If I was to pick one of these tents, the larger version makes the most sense to me as it includes a pole, has the integrated bug inner and is slightly larger. 

The bug inner is the most important aspect as it is going to allow the tent to be used year around.  

To summarize, the Large Tetra tent is the best tent that I tested in 2022; it’s good, really good and has very few flaws.  Speaking of the flaws and issues, I hope that OT can address them as these tents are close to being just about perfect.
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