Wednesday, October 18, 2023

I Didn't Expect to Love Something So Simple! - SOTO Helix Coffee Maker

Over the years I have used and review many products - thousands of products and out of those, certain products are what I consider to be my favorite.

This is one of them.

This is the Soto Helix Coffee Maker and it’s one of those products that I like to use as it slows me down, makes me focus on not only the world around me but the entire process of making a really good cup of coffee.

I don’t always use this coffee maker when I’m out on a trip but when I do, it’s always a pleasure.

This is Luke's long term review of the Soto Helix Coffee Dripper!

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Soto Helix :

Weight : 1.6 oz for the basket – 2.3oz for the basket, bag and 10 filters

Materials : Stainless steel

Shape : Inverted cone-shape and collapsible coffee maker 

Dimensions set-up : 4.5” x 4.1” base x 2.8” tall x 3.9” wide at top

Bag Dimensions : 5” wide x 5” tall x 1” thick

Price : $17

Pros :
- Lightweight (half the weight of the gsi product)
- Compact – folds flat enough
- Not bulky
- Dries quickly so you can stow it again.
- Bag carries the stand, filters, and coffee which I put into small zip lock bags
- Makes good coffee

- Included coffee filters work just fine and I haven’t had any issues with them.  

- #2 filters are easy to find and can be purchased very inexpensively.

- Easy to clean up- there are numerous products which have integrated filters which can be a pain to clean and stay wet for a long time.  With this one, you remove the filter, air dry for a moment and you are good to go.

- Price isn’t bad even though I don’t blame anyone for questioning $17 for a wire basket but if you go out and look at similar products, some cost $40, some plastic models cost $13 and so on.

Cons :

- Can be challenging to use if you are in forest as you will need a flat spot to put your cut and then the Soto on top.
 - If it isn’t flat, it will slide.
- Again, this product will slide around on top of your cup so you need to be careful with it - don’t know it over.  
- Time – using this product will take a bit of time for you to have a full cup of coffee and it may not be as hot as you want it to be once full.  Because of the small design, the amount of filtering that it can do is less than larger products which are out on the market.
- For Two – The product states that this is for two cups of coffee but I use it for one
- The Soto Helix is pricey at $17 - there are knockoff versions of this that cost $7 - the one that I looked at doesn’t include a bag or any filters. I’ll put the link to it in the description box if you wish to check it out. 

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