Thursday, June 27, 2024

The Truth : Why They Do It and How To Select The Right 3 Season (Summer)...

The unfortunate truth is that there are a lot of companies who are more than happy to deceive their customers for the sake of making a profit....

Don't let them take advantage of you!

Summertime is here and the temps are rising.

At the same time, scores of people are discovering the joys of camping or are wanting to get out to discover what camping is all about and why it’s becoming so popular.

Because of those reasons, I feel that it is important to make a video about what features make for an excellent summer time tent and what features to stay far away from. 

A lot of tent companies DO NOT WANT YOU TO SEE THIS VIDEO!
A Few Tents That I Recommend Looking At;

- NatureHike Mongar 2 :

- OneTigris Cosmitto :

- Teton Mountain Ultra 1 Tent :
- Teton Mountain Ultra 2 Tent :
- Teton Mountain Ultra 3 Tent :
- Teton Mountain Ultra 4 Tent :
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