Thursday, July 4, 2024

WEIRD - Modeled After a Woodpecker.... CAMPINGMOON XD-3 Butane Stove Review

Very few stove can do what this stove does!

What I have here is what I call a "Spider Stove"…you will see why in just a moment.  

This is a rather interesting butane powered stove - it’s fairly inexpensive, about half the cost of most spider stoves, large, stable, powerful and it has a built-in regular which most stoves of this type don’t have. 

Stove with Ignitor : n/a

Stove without Ignitor :
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CampingMoon Stove Stats

Fuel : Butane - I have not seen any mention of this stove being able to handle converters and other fuel types. 

BTU’s : 11,260

Regular : Yes 

Versions and Ignitors : There are two versions of this stove - one with a built-in ignitor and one without one.

Model XD-3-NE has no ignitor. 
Model XD-3F does.

Amazon search functionality is awful and originally I didn’t see the version with the ignitor and that is why I bought the version without it.  If I had seen the version with the ignitor I would have purchased it. 

Stainless Steel, aluminum and brass
Polyester Canvas 

Stove : 9.8oz
Bag : 3.3
Stove and Bag : 13.1oz 

Stove no Igniter : $45
Stove with Igniter : $47
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