Friday, July 11, 2014

SealSkinz Thin Mid Length Socks - Preview and Field Test

Today we are looking at SealSkinz Thin Midlength Socks.
$30 - $40

lightweight mid length
waterproof sock.
Merino wool lining

When purchased directly from SealSkinz you receive a 2 year warranty.

44% Acrylic
41% Wool
14% Polyamide(Nylon)
1% Elastane(Spandex)
98% Polyamide(Nylon)
2% Elastane(Spandex)
SealSkinz Thin Mid Length Socks

SealSkinz Thin Mid Length Sock Features:

Thermal Rating: 2
Anatomically designed mid-calf length fit.
Close fitting knitted construction.

Product Data
Mens: Yes
Ladies: Yes
Road: Yes
Waterproof, Breathable Technology
Sealskins products incorporate a unique, seamless three-layer technology.


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  1. Luke do they make socks that would be good for wet {ie wet season} JUNGLE, that is warm and sweaty to walk in and rain a lot during day and night,and what about bush that is for Winter but looking at 0 degrees C?? {Southern Hemisphere}