Friday, July 18, 2014

Rothco Tactisling Transport Pack - Preview

We're taking a look at the Rothco Tactisling Transport Pack.
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MOLLE Compatible
Heavy Duty Military Backpack With Heavy Zippers
Water Resistant
Extremely Durable, Lightweight & Comfortable
Many Compartments & Pockets For Multiple Items

There are smaller versions of this package available so when you go looking make sure you are getting the large size if that is what you are going after.  This pack is 20" x 12.5" x 5"

The front utility pocket .
The next pocked is a 3/4 zip offer a horizontal document sleeve along with accessory pockets and key hook.
The largest compartment is also 3/4 zip.  Multiple zippered pockets.  2 sleeved pockets as well.

It has a grab handle on the top and a swing handle on the side.
Molle on the pack allows for additional attachments and there are velcro placements for your patches.
Front y strap for compression and use to hold down possible outside carry items such as a jacket, layer, etc.

Designed to access the pack from the front or the side.


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