Monday, July 21, 2014

Snow Peak Titanium Spork - Preview

Today we are previewing the Snow Peak Titanium Spork.


.5oz on my scale

A little shy of 6.5 inches long.

With this spark I selected this color for my wife as she is interested and wishing to join me more on my adventures.  Since she is all girlie I've been hooking her up with all sorts of gear that matches her favorite color, Purple.

Number of different colors : Purple, Silver, Green and Blue.
Twice the weight savings--not only is titanium light, but this is the only utensil you will need

Designed deep enough to function as a spoon but with four prongs for normal fork functionality

Titanium leaves no metallic smell or taste and will not rust
Non-paint electric ionization process creates a spork with a safe vibrant color

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