Wednesday, February 11, 2015

FireBox Nano : Gen 2 Stainless Steel & Titanium Folding Stove

Today we are taking a look at and testing the FireBox Nano : Gen 2 Stainless Steel & Titanium Folding Stove.


There is a stainless steel version of this stove, it cost $40 and it weighs 6oz.  There is a Titanium version which costs $70 and weighs 4oz.

 · Multi-fuel versatility, some canister stoves and wood.
 · No assembly, hinged construction
 · Perfect for the Trangia Spirit Burner
 · Proprietary cross-feed system
 · Adjusts to fit small cups or large pans
 · Fits in your shirt pocket

Engineered and Made in the USA

Width:   3.0" (8 cm)
Height:   4.75" (12 cm)
Folded:   .25" (.635 cm)

Comes with cotton bag but there are other options available on their web site.

Fold legs in for small pots.
Fold legs out for larger ones.

Smaller wood = hotter
larger = slight less hot

2 cups of water to boil in about 3 minutes.

top feed and side feed

You can also run this stove with the plate up for longer burns.


  1. Awesome review as always Luke, I currently have the MSR Windboiler have you tested that item? After this review I am considering getting this stove with the Trangia spirit burner as a backup. I'm really close to buying the Deuter Act lite 65+10 because I have back issues like you and I would love a large, light but comfortable pack. Have you came across that pack? If so what are your thoughts, if not can you please do a gear review?

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