Monday, October 26, 2015

Snugpak Proforce RJ 1 Rain Jacket and RP 1 Rain Pants - Review

Today is a double review of the Snugpak Proforce RJ 1 Rain Jacket and RP 1 Rain Pants.

Rain Jacket Link :

Rain Pants Link :


  1. Both look quite promising and I love the design and the color! The price is not that bad and definitely makes both the pants and the jacket worth checking out. I was also looking for a great rain jacket and after doing some research, I found an article that talks about packable rain jackets and offers reviews of some of the best models on the market. You should definitely check it out. Go here to find out more:

  2. A packable rain jacket is worth its weight in gold when you least expect the rain. When rain or a storm is in the forecast, you can plan to bring an umbrella and a rain coat to work or school. But, if the weatherman didn't foresee it, why bring all that rain gear with you? Instead, get some cheap lightweight packable rain jackets and been ready anytime

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