Wednesday, October 14, 2015 General Purpose First Aid Kit

Today we are taking a look at the General Purpose First Aid Kit.  I picked this up to replenish my supplies and to see if it was worth the $25.

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Contents :

2 - 2"X6 yards gauze bandages, 1 - 6" elastic bandage, 2 - 4"x4" sterile sponges, 16 - 3" bandages, 1 ice pack, 1 tweezer, 1 scissor, 1 pill bottle, 1 eye pad, 1 hand soap, 4 pain relievers, 1 - 1st aid instructions, 6 safety pins, 1 pair examination gloves, 4 aspirin, 1 first aid cream, 1 triple antibiotic, 1- 1/2" tape, 3 alcohol wipes, 3 iodine wipes, 3 antiseptic wipes, 3 clean wipes.

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  1. Any good first aid kit is worth the money for someone who might be a beginning camper and doesn't have any supplies. As for myself, I know my weak points, which will be blisters around my ankles, maybe a campfire burn, and scrapes for when I'm bushwhacking. Therefore, I need more bandages than most. I use isopropyl alcohol as fuel so I always have plenty of it, no need for the pads. Hand soap and scissors are in my toiletries set. The one item I use that always seem to be light in these sets is gloves, I carry two sets. I seem to be the one called on (because I am usually the one prepared) when someone else is injured. I won't be touching someone else's injury with bare hands. I notice they set included a pill bottle. If one has more than one type of pill that bottle will be useless, and the pills knocking around will be annoying. A better option would be a set of 10 or so grip seal button bags that can be marked.