Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Snugpak Basecamp OPS Sleeper Expedition Sleeping Bag - Review

Up for review is the Snugpak Sleeper Expedition (Basecamp) Sleeping Bag.  An amazing Bang for the Buck product!

Snugpak Sleeper Expedition (Basecamp) Sleeping Bag

Price : Retail $89.00 / on Amazon for $81

The Sleeper Expedition is our most extreme temperature sleeping bag in the Sleeper Series range, taking good care of you in conditions right down to -17°C. Our design team have created a reliable, comfortable bag using soft-touch, siliconised fibres that form an insulated shell around you, and will see you happily through all four seasons.

The Sleeper Expedition is an incredibly warm, reasonably priced addition to the Sleeper range. Your only challenge will be parting with it in the mornings!

Part of the Basecamp Range.
Temperature rating: Comfort: -12°C, Extreme: -17°C 
• Highly siliconised synthetic fibres give a soft touch finish and prolonged lifespan compared to traditional hollowfibre filled products. 
• Mummy shape for retention of body heat 
• Compact pack size: 33 x 28cm




Olive/Amber Yellow


2600g / 5.7 lbs


200cm /78.7 inches


75cm /29.5 inches


65cm / 25.5 inches


50cm / 19.6 inches


33cm x 28cm (Fully Compressed) / 12.9” x 11"




Comfort: -12°c Extreme: -17°c /  Comfort 10F - Extreme 1.4f


Aqua Light (100% Polyester)


Supersoft (100% Polyester)


IsoFibre (100% Polyester)


When it comes to my impressions of this sleeping bag, I’m extremely impressed.
The quality is excellent and the feel of this bag is top notch.
Yes it is heavy, it is large but this is a synthetic fill sleeping bag that can handle temps down to 1f.  

With my experiences, I’ve tested this bag out on two overnight trips where the temps went down to 3f at the coldest point.
I stayed perfectly warm with while wearing a sweater and some thermal underwear.  

This is a mummy style sleeping bag so this will be a snug fit as it is meant to fit close to the body to prevent cold pockets.

When testing out this sleeping bag, I couldn’t help but to compare it to the Eberlestock Reveille sleeping bag.  I’ve reviewed the Reveille bag in the past and I love it but it’s a pricey bag at $279.00.  The comfort temp ratings are almost the same (5F) even though Eberlestock says that their bag can be pushed to -36F.

The fact that the Expedition sleeping bag is $89 blows my mind.  This is in my opinion offers an incredible value for the money for a sleeping bag that really does perform on a level that matches much more expensive products.  


  1. Luke great review I'm loving the snug pack sleeping bag I'm checking one out today at a army surplus they have new ones ill keep u posted Tally-ho

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  2. that looks very comfortable. great review Luke.

  3. that looks very comfortable. great review Luke.

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