Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Arc’teryx Conveyor Belt - Review

Today Luke is reviewing the Arc’teryx Conveyor Belt.


Link :

Price : $39.00

I purchased mine from Sierra trading post for $15 if memory serves me right.

Lots of different colors including black, coyote brown, grey, purple, pink and more.

Belt lengths:

Small = 43 inches/109 cm,

Medium = 45.5 inches/116 cm, 3.4oz

Large = 49.5 inches/126 cm.


Self locking, metal buckle with bird logo

Contrasting stitching


1.5 in (3.75 cm) nylon webbing

The buckle is easy to use and strong, but light in construction using aluminum.

thick textured nylon webbing and a smooth self locking buckle, similar to the one used in their climbing harnesses.

The profile for this belt is thin but it’s not the thinnest on the market.  When wearing a pack, and if your pants ride high, you will notice the bucket being pressed in by the waist belt of your pack.

For myself, I wear pants that ride low on the waist so that the waist belts on my backs rides above the buckle.

I have been wearing this belt for over a year now and I love it and it continues to look great.  Would I buy it again?  Absolutely!

Pros : Incredible build quality.  flexible material, good length, sturdy but not too stiff.  Easy to thread though a belt loop with the knives that I carry.  It’s  a quiet belt. My previous leather belt made a squeaking noise with every step that I took.

Cons : I do have to make adjustments ever so often.


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