Wednesday, February 10, 2016

USGI Military Duffle Bag (Sea Bag)

It's Military Surplus Wednesday (!!!) and Luke is here with the USGI Military Duffle Bag (Sea Bag).


Purchase Location :  Ebay is the best bet

Price : $15 - $50 depending on condition.  Most likely you will find the pack for a price that is in-between that range and it will be used and will have markings on it.

Heavy duty Nylon fabric.

12" X 12" X 36"

It has 2 padded shoulder straps, a carring handle, and a outside pocket

Weight : around 2lbs or so.  Honestly I didn’t weigh it as I doubt anyone really cares.  This isn’t something that you hike up a mountain with and with it being so large, once you get your gear in this you won’t really care about the weight of the bag.

This bag has been originally issued for many years to soldiers as a general purpose bag. Marines and Navy call it a Sea Bag. Army calls it a Duffel Bag. This bag is large enough to pack everything you need on your travels! You can easily carry it by the handle or it can be hoisted onto your back as a back pack. It also has a durable snap pocket. Perfect for camping or weekend getaways! When using this tough and great looking bag, it is made to last and can take a serious beating so you don't have too!

Dimensions: 34" Height x 18" Diameter
Made of Heavy Duty 1000 Cordura Nylon Material
Padded Shoulder Straps to be used as a Backpack
 Extra Water/Wear Coating on Bottom of Bag
Mildew and Water-resistant
Easily Carries 70 Pounds or more
Snap Pocket on side of bag
Color: OD Green
NSN 8465-01-117-8690
Made in USA
Genuine U.S. Government Issue


  1. I can't remember what happened to my Navy seabag which was issued to me in 1979. To honest, I didn't much care for it. Yeah, is held a lot of stuff but there was no quick access to anything. All it was good for was to transport all your uniforms, skivvies, and maybe a toiletry kit from one duty station to another.

    The design needs a long zippered access down the side along with a couple of compression straps.

  2. that would be to big for hiking,but for travel it would be ideal.thanks for video.

  3. that would be to big for hiking,but for travel it would be ideal.thanks for video.