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5 Piece Esbit Trekker Cook Set Review - The Outdoor Gear Review

Esbit 5-Piece Trekking Cook Set Includes Brass Alcohol Burner Stove and 2 Anodized Aluminum Pots
$40 on amazon.
·  Complete cookset includes brass alcohol burner, two cook pots, stand , solid fuel base, and mesh carry bag
·  Cook pots constructed from extremely light, hard anodized aluminum
·  Small pot can be used as lid; large pot includes volume indicator in liters and ounces
·  Burner features a variable flame regulator, fold-away handle, and sealable screw top that holds fuel
·  Set nests compactly in large pot; total weight is 15 ounces
Cookware Features and Specifications:
  • Light, hard anodized aluminum construction
  • One 33.3-ounce/985 milliliter pot
  • One 15.9-ounce/470 milliliter pot
  • Small pot serves also as lid
  • Pots have two hinged grips made of stainless steel
  • Big pot has volume indicator in liters and ounces
Alcohol Burner Features and Specifications:
  • Brass construction
  • Variable flame regulator with fold-away handle
  • Sealable screw top stores fuel
  • Includes stand and mat for solid fuel application

This product has vastly exceeded my expectations.
The flame produced by burning denatured alcohol is very large and hot due to the great design of the burner. Filling the burner reservoir just 1/4 full will fuel the flame for around 15 minutes. Pair this with a Triangia fuel bottle filled with denaturated alcohol(available in any store with a paint section) and you have a great little portable stove that will get you through a week of backpacking. I have also found that an egg pan fits perfectly atop the burner. In addition, I am going to purchase a small grill grate so that I can use my stovetop espresso maker with this unit. The included cookset is truly of great quality so with the addition of these few small add ons, I have everything I need to cook on a backpacking trip. You could easily cook for 2 with this set if you had to, but id recommend one for every member of your particular voyage.

I have ran a couple of tests and have found that this kit will BOIL....
The alcohol burner will hold approximately 4 ounces of alcohol
Total burn time per Esbit is 30 minutes with 70ml of alcohol.
the alcohol burner is a clone of the Triangia  but the simmer ring has a fold-able handle, which makes this IMO even better than the Triangia.

:::1 cup of water in about just under 6 minutes with the TOP OFF
:::2 cups of water in just under 10 minutes with the TOP ON.

The water I boiled was straight from the tap cold. 3,500 ft
Yes it’s made in china but the quality is excellent.
Both solid fuel and alcohol make for great solutions when it comes to heating and cooking.  Of course it’s important to know the pros and cons of each before you take one or the other out on an adventure.  With this set both the solid fuel plate and the alcohol plate are the proper distance from the pot for adequate heat displacement.

In the past I have shown this system being used with solid fuel cubes as well as trioxane and in the future you will see it used with the alcohol stove from both Esbit and Triangia. 

Verdict : Great buy.  It’s a good kit that gives you plenty of options to heat and cook and each of the options work well.  The system is light weight, compact.  There are lighter, more expensive option out there but for $40 this is a win!

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