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Movember Invitation - Cancer Awareness - The Outdoor Gear Review

Movember Month – The Outdoor Gear Review
November is almost here folks so that means it’s almost Movember! 
In 2003, a group of friends in Australia were inspired by what the women in their lives were doing for breast cancer and came up with the idea to grow moustaches to raise money for charity. That year, they got 30 friends to participate. Although they didn’t raise any money, they realized how much conversations their moustaches generated, and kept going.
Ten years later, with the Mo (that’s Australian for moustache) as their “hairy ribbon“ and November as their designated awareness month, Movember is one of the largest non-governmental donors to prostate cancer research in the world, funding over 577 projects to date. Last year alone, 1.1 million people from 21 countries participated in raising $147 million. About a fifth of participants were from the US.
n  November is all about means health and spreading the word.  In my family the males have all gotten prostate cancer so I’m getting checked out…even thought I don’t funking want to…but I am. 
The air is getting colder, the layers are getting thicker – that can only mean one thing: it’s almost “no-shave-November” time. More commonly known, as “Movember” is the one time of the year that you can actually get away with not shaving at all. During this time, men everywhere unite to in an all-time laziness marathon to see who can go the longest without shaving. As the fall season kicks into high gear and beards become braidable, the month-long event is essentially a fun way to raise awareness for prostate cancer, as well as other cancers associated with men.
The men who participate, referred to as “Mo-Bros”, aim to change the face of men’s health. “Movember” encourages men to go get checked out in order to achieve early detection that may possibly save many lives. The “Movember” Foundation has been spreading the trend since 2004, and the phenomenon has since become a worldwide event. In 2012, the Global Journal listed “Movember” as one of the top 100 non-government organizations in the world.
As the popularity of “Movember” grows, so do the beards. Men have become highly creative with their clippers in order to achieve no shave November looks. Some go for the Salvatore Dali look, while others free beard it and let the whiskers fall where they may. Whatever you choose to do, “The International Man of November” award is the ultimate achievement for any man who participates. The aware is given to the winner chosen from 21 winners all over the world. That man wears the coveted “Movember” crown all year round.
However, in order to receive the award, and to just be an all-around awesome member of the “Movember” club, there are several rules that need to be followed. Here are the guidelines to a successful “Movember”:
Rule #1: Get rid of everything
On November 1st, all razors are to be disposed of, never to be seen for an entire month. At first this is an extremely liberating process, after all, who wants to waste time shaving? Sure enough, though, the difficulty of this challenge will eventually become apparent.
Rule #2: Withstand the uncomfortable feeling
The first week in the itchiness of the mission commences. Your face will probably be on fire from scratching, but you have to power through, don’t take no for an answer.
Rule #3: Get used to looking cool
By the end of the first week, your 5 o’clock shadow may look like its 10 o’clock, but don’t worry, just tell everyone you’re going for the Clooney look. The silver lining is that grown men with full beards will not look ridiculous.
Rule #4: Don’t take criticism
Around Thanksgiving, your beard will be in full swing and your family simply won’t understand. As you’re sitting at the dinner table over a together, your grandmother will probably give you the why-aren’t-you-shaving look but try to ignore it. Understand that this is for the greater good, something parents and grandparents just don’t get. 
Rule #5: Take pictures
Towards the end of your bearded journey, it’s time to start taking pictures and showing off your coolness. This can also be considered a contest between you and all the other men to see whose beard came in best.
Rule #6: Have some fun
This is the stage where you’re just about to shave, so you can certainly take a few days to have some fun with how far you’ve come. Take some clippers to that manly beard and give yourself a cool look, maybe even a goatee.
So this is what I’m going to do.  On November 1st I’m shaving the face and going with the allstar mustache.  I will rock it all month long!  I’d like for all of your guys to do the same and join me and at the end of the month, send me a photo of your stash and I’ll throw together a video.
Enjoying the outdoors is only possible if you feel good.  You’ve got to take care of yourself before you can take care anyone else or enjoy anything else.

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