Wednesday, November 19, 2014

USMC FILBE - Corpsman Assault Pack NSN Numbers

It has been requested on multiple occasions that I go over the NSN numbers for the Corpsman Assault Pack and attachments.  For those interested, enjoy.

Pack: 8465-01-612-4152
Modular Medical Pouch: 8465-01-612-4164
Elastic Panel: 8465-01-612-4183
Small Reversible Pouch: 8465-01-612-4177
Medium Reversible Pouch: 8465-01-612-4181
Large Pouch: 8465-01-612-4174
Medium Pouch: 8465-01-612-4173
Double Pocket Panel: 8465-01-612-4187
Stacked Pocket Panel: 8465-01-612-4199

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