Monday, April 13, 2015

FRESHeTECH All-Terrain Sound Bluetooth Speaker

Today we are reviewing the FRESHeTECH All-Terrain Sound Bluetooth Speaker.




perfect for white water rafting, mountain biking, and of course hiking.

Can be connected to most bluetooth devices and when paired with a phone, you can answer calls.  Has a mic on the bottom.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Fully Charges in 90 minutes via Micro USB
12 hours of continuous playing
Bluetooth 4.0
Tested Ruggedized Durability
Industrial Strength Clip
Control Buttons: Skip, Back, Pause/Play, Answer/End Calls, Volume +, Volume -
Built-in high quality microphone for speaker phone conversations
IPX5 rated:
The package includes: ALL-Terrain Sound®, Detachable Suction Cup, Charging Cord, 3.5mm Auxiliary Cord, Instruction Manual

Review :

I’ve had the All Terrain Speaker in my possession for about a month now and has seen lots of use.  Snow, Ice and heavy downpours it has continued to work.  I’ve had zero issues when it comes to moisture affecting this device.

Very good battery life.

Quick to charge.

Light weight but a bit awkward.  The speaker is large in shape but easy to carry. 7.5oz

It’s also easy to control during the day but difficult at night when making quick adjustments to the audio.  I would like to see different colored buttons.

The clip is very plasticky and while it hasn’t failed during my testing it does bend a great deal and doesn’t inspire the greatest of confidence.

When it comes to audio quality; very clear but with little bass.  It’s loud but not super loud and I would have a hard time hearing the audio in winds over 20 mph.

Connection strength to the Bluetooth isn’t as strong as some of the other bluetooth speakers that I have tested but it’s adequate. Because this speaker is waterproof, the additional shielding is likely to blame.

So what is my verdict: All in all this is a great speaker. Good quality, slightly awkward form factor but it is light weight.

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