Monday, July 13, 2015

Random Chat and Lunch : Episode 1

It's time for a Random Chat and Lunch.  This is Episode 1.


  1. I am working on a mountain project that is ethical, but might not be legal so it has to be a secret. It's a bit of a difference from endlessly hiking on trails which is what I normally do. I have to change my pack set-up because this project involves bring tools with me and being prepared for different types of situations. I'm having a lot of fun this summer.

  2. Luke, you really are a nice guy! I wish there were more of you around....
    And since you ask: I went up north to the mountains of Sweden for a week of walking and wildcamping. I tell you there really is something off with the weather this year! The snow they should have had during Winter came in MAY(!) when it should have melted, and melted in July when Summer should have been in full bloom.... I knew this beforehand and therefore expected high levels of water but I was still not prepared for it! I had to negotiate enormous fields of snow not knowing if they would hold or what was under the snow. Half the time I ended up walking around them since I was on my own and there was no signal up there. I also had to try and find safe crossings for all the streams and rapids that were not normally there. At one point I was a few hundred meters away from the cabin which was my designated camping spot for the night, but with no safe way across the water. So I said my prayers and ran across a narrow bridge of snow. It worked, but imagine how embarrassing it would have been to end up in the stream instead :-S. The strange thing is, with all this water around and constantly wet feet I still had a bath in the same cold streams, in my birthday suit, at the end of the day... Sometimes with a cold beer waiting for me when I got up. So the snow wasn't all bad :-) It really was beautiful up there and even though it was hard work and a bit more adventurous than I had planned on, I will always remember this trip. I learnt two things though:
    1) Water is a powerful force and should not be underestimated. Bring hiking poles.
    2) Don't go skinny dipping in fast flowing water. It might be a long and awkward walk back to your cloths...

    So, looking forward to your next multiple day hike! See how you do battling the elements ;-)