Wednesday, September 9, 2015

British DPM Basha Tarp - Review

Today we are reviewing the British DPM Basha Tarp.  It's a bit heavy but it has all of the bells and whistles that you could want in a tarp.

$40 on ebay a few years ago.

This British DPM Basha/Tarp is superb piece of kit as it lightweight, highly packable and strong.

woodland DPM and latest MTP multicam versions

A lightweight, robust shelter sheet featuring a fully tape-seamed hem and reinforced suspension points and attachment loops. It also has press studs attached so you can attach more than one together making a supremely versatile shelter sheet.

Compact & lightweight
PU Coated Ripstop Polyester
British DPM
16 x suspension points
2 x mosquito net suspension points
Weight: 2lbs 5oz
Measurements:8’3” x 6’11”

Issued to Troops Serving in Iraq and Afghanistan
Lightweight Strong Nylon
Silicone Waterproofing Along Centre Seam

A basha is a really simple but extremely effective shelter and can be put up practically anywhere. Lightweight and easy to pack and carry it is a really handy shelter. I've used one for years and it really does beat a stuffy tent and really will keep you dry in even the hardest of downpours (believe me!!).

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  1. Hi Luke
    An extra feature of the British Army Basha a tarp is that if you use the snaps to fix the tarp in half it can then be used as an emergency stretcher by utilising the grab straps which are now on the new outside edges.. PS JUST RECIEVED MY outdoor Gear Review badge. Looks great on my pack. Thanks