Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dutch Army Woodland Pack - Large

110L worth of space!!!  Too much for your typical backpack but would make an awesome long duration B.O.B. pack!

We've taken a look at the medium Dutch Army pack, now it's time for the Large!

Link to the Medium Pack :


  1. I'm from Canada, Toronto. I think this pack is awesome... it's something i've been looking for for awhile. Would you know if they would have it in Toronto? and how much does one of these cost? thx

  2. Son, that thing looks so big on you that when you showed the main bag expansion I was wonderin' if you was gonna climb inside and close yourself up in it. Looks like a sturdy heavy pack but I pity fellas your size in the Dutch army that gotta haul that thing fully loaded.

  3. Trying to find one of these anywhere. Please, post a link if you can find it for sale!