Friday, November 6, 2015

B.L.A.R.P. Outdoor Blanket Tarp - Review

Susie is here to review the B.L.A.R.P. Outdoor Blanket Tarp.

B.L.A.R.P. stands for; Blanket Lounger And Resting Plot.

AKA blanket-tarp.

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  1. You're right on the money, Luke. I've seen such deceptive comments on Amazon before, and the gut check was later verified by piss poor reviews on the part of angry purchasers, usually involving equally crappy service from the seller. Concerning Susie's actual review of the product, I have to say I saw how much she hated it from a mile away. There's absolutely no way either of you can convince me she found that thing anything less than a loathsome waste of space. In fact, I SO knew that product wasn't worth it, I spent the entire video trying to resist the urge to close my web browser, but thought 'nah, I couldn't do that to Luke and Susie', so suffered through flashbacks of childhood dental appointments punctuated with the music of Kenny G. and the myriad and subtle layerings of pain associated with cavity repairs and tooth extraction. Why would I subject myself to flashbacks that still have my teeth throbbing? The Outdoor Gear Review is worth the pain.

  2. What is the R value of the blarp?