Friday, April 1, 2016

KleanGo Disposable Female Urination Device - Review

Today Susan is reviewing the KleanGo which is a disposable female urination device.


Link :

The details according to the Company:

The KleanGo ( disposable female urinary device is perfect for athletes, travelers, the elderly, disabled, pregnancy, parents of young girls, post-surgery patients - any woman who might have to go while on the go!

Convenient tri-fold design and tamper evident pouch make the KleanGo discreet and safe.

No more squatting over public toilet or porta-potty.

Hygienic, waterproof, recyclable, and disposable

Easy to use: just position, pee and toss


  1. My husband and I very much enjoy your videos and appreciate your gear reviews. I must say, that I have heard the hype about these kind of products and just fine myself scratching my head. As a woman who very much enjoys camping, hiking, and backpacking, I cannot fathom the need for such a device. It seems cumbersome and expensive. I think I will stick to the tried and true method of squatting. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Sending you our best! Ilsë from Maine and Scott

  2. Susan you have guts, somebody had to address this item, what happen to Luke Lol.

  3. Visit the fast food outlet of your choice and obtain a 32 oz plastic beverage cup. Place cup between legs and pee. One may toss urine wherever they wish or place lid on container for future disposal if one is in their tent and it is too cold to get out of sleeping bag. Pro-tip: If one has strong thighs they don't need to hold the cup with hand while peeing. Rinse cup, repeat as necessary.