Friday, April 22, 2016

Part 8 - T.O.G.R. - Question Submission

This is Part 8 of the Question and Answer Series.
Drop your questions and comments down below and they will be addressed in a future episode.


  1. On your overnight adventure during Winter Storm Jonas you experienced a lot down time inside your tent and extremely cold conditions. Please pass along to us what you learned during this adventure and what you would change if you did it again. Thanks

  2. Hi Luke and Susan. While it should be obvious that The Outdoor Gear Review
    is our favorite "go-to" youtube channel, I was wondering if you had a favorite
    backpacking channel that you guys enjoy. Also have you ever thought about
    getting into amateur or "ham" radio since you're into storm chasing?
    Scott in Maine.

  3. Could you review the 12 Survivors Shire 2P tent sometime in the future? I've been drooling over it for close to two years,and until now, much more pressing needs were clamoring for my financial attention. Now the tent has once again appeared on my financial radar, my purchase-finger wants to click the mouse-button, but Before I go ahead and pull the trigger, I could really use the expert eye of Lonewolf Luke. Please review its water resistance, overall strength, and, if possible, whether or not I should fear being reduced to burnt ashes should I use it in the middle of summer in... yeah... the deep, lowdown, dirty south.