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Ghillie Kettle 1L Stove - Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the Ghillie Kettle 1L Stove!


Link :
Price : $104.00
Sizes : .5l, 1l, 1.5l
Weight : 2lbs 3oz
Whistle :

Boil Time : 1 Liter of water in Roughly 6 minutes depending on the overall quality of your materials. Drier the better!

It has been said that The Kelly Kettle was patterned after the Ghillie Kettle, which was a Scottish invention from the 1800s. The original kettles were made of copper.

Grills’n Ovens LLC distributes Ghillie in the U.S. from its site. The company offers the kettles in three sizes, with 0.5-, 1-, and 1.5-liter models. They start at $84.

Silver Anodised Aluminium Ghillie Camping Kettles

chimney-shaped kettle with an integrated wood stove at the bottom

These units are nicknamed “Irish volcano kettles.” Indeed, they can erupt with fire at the top. Smoke belches out before the flames shoot high.

 The Ghillie Kettle has produced camping kettles for centuries and at Ghillie Kettle they're still handmade in the age old traditional way. These wood burning camping kettles are made in England and are trusted companions of thousands of adventurers around the world. The Ghillie Kettle is ideal for camping, fishing, hiking, bushcraft, and any outdoor activity. Boil water in just 4 minutes! Can be used in harsh conditions, even when wet and windy. It is quick, durable and simple to use with no need for gas or artificial fuel: use twigs, fir cones, and dry leaves.

Whistle is connected to the kettle so that you and can use it to pour the water

Be careful as it can be very hot.

The Irish "Volcano" Kettle Made in UK by Ghillie.

A self-contained wood fired kettle with a whistle!

Silver anodising provides extra protection: in addition to being scratch resistant the kettle is easier to clean and has all of the benefits of stainless steel but is cheaper and much lighter. It also has a smooth non-stick, non-reactive surface and is quicker to boil, heat food, and clean. The kettle is guaranteed for 10 years, subject to normal wear and tear Boil approximately 3.5 mugs of water in minutes

Ghillie's silver anodised kettles are available in 3 sizes and 6 configurations:

1) 1L The Explorer: approximately 3.5 mugs of water

Specs: 0.8kg Height: 11" Diameter at widest point: 7.3"

** You can purchase each kettle individually or with a "Cook Kit". The Kit includes: a frying pan, saucepan, grill, pot gripper, base stand and pot support.

The Ghillie Kettle Company is an old brand, having produced its namesake products since the 1800s. Decades of use have proven the design, which shined in our testing.

Since the fire is contained within the kettle, it is protect from the wind.

This stove takes advantage of rising heat and it’s a lot of fun to use.

There are all sorts of attachments and addons which you can order.

Angle the hole towards the wind to assist with a quick burn.

Once you have the kettle filled with water, make sure not to overfill as it will causes issues when the water begins to boil

For the best results with this stove, feed from the top as well as the bottom.  Small pieces of wood that will burn quickly in the bottom and larger items drop from the top.  This provides a good balance of the two

Pros :

It's basically a double-walled boiler with a chimney and is remarkably simple in its operation.

Fun to use.  Everyone of my friends who has used this has enjoyed using it.

Smart design.

The whistle is a great touch compared to other kettles on the market

Free fuel

Easy and mindless to use

Burns to ash

Tip : For best performance from this stove, break your sticks and twigs into small pieces

Cons :
Large awkward size.  Takes up a substantial amount of space in your pack.

With that being the case, this might not be your go to kettle for backpacking.  Car camping, bush craft,  fishing, kayaking, hunting, definitely.

It’s quick but it’s not fast.  You could boil water quicker in a fuel stove.


If you’ve been through a long period of rain and everything is soaked, it will be problematic to use.

It’s only for boiling water unless you purchase additional products.

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