Friday, May 5, 2017

Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 1 Person Tent - Preview

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Today Luke is previewing the Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 1 Tent!

Excellent Quality.  Excellent Price.


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Price : Retail is $130 but can be purchased on Amazon at the time of filming for $118

Colors : Yellow

·         Dimensions: 82" x 32" x 39.5"

·         Packed Dimensions: 17" x 6.25" x 6.25"

·         Total Pack Weight: 3.3 lbs

·         Trail Pack Weight: 4.5 lbs

·         Rainfly: 75D 3mm Ripstop 3000mm PU

·         Inner Tent Shell: Micro Mesh

·         Capacity: 1 person

·         Doors: 1

·         Color: Orange/Grey

·         Pole System: T6 Aluminum Cross and Ridge Pole

The Mountain Ultra 1 features a micro mesh inner tent that provides optimal ventilation in any weather. Extra-high bathtub floor. It only has one shock cord pole. Reinforced, heat taped seams and anchor points. Clip-on rainfly for privacy and weather protection also has pass-through ventilation technology. Rainfly vestibule keeps water off sleeping area at entry. Ultra light—only 4.4 pounds (including footprint). Well built, water resistant, and guaranteed.

Initial Thoughts :

Weight : Teton Sports refers to this tent as Ultralight; but Ultralight it is not!  For a one person tent, this is actually some what heavy.  I am going to have a separate video on lowering the weight of this tent where we will see just how light weight we can get it.

Color : I don’t mind yellow but I would love to see this tent in a dark green color.  For a lot of people, when they go backpacking they wish to blend in rather than stand out.  Such bright colors will often to off potential buyers.

Quality : Excellent!  Everything is included; poles, stakes, fly, body, guy lines, ground sheet and so on.

Extra high bathtub floor will come in handy in wet environments

Price : From what I have seen thus far, this is an excellent tent for the money.

Setup : Exceptionally easy. Unrole. Poles. Clip. Done.

Space : Sit up, not problem!

Sturdiness : Excellent!

Ground fly : makes for a good tarp in a pinch!

Package size : Not as big as I was expecting which is a plus.  I was thinking that this tent would make an excellent kayaking tent.  Throw it inside of a dry back with some other gear and you would be good to go.

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  1. I know the tent is called Mountain but do you really think it is suitable for real mountain use? Like above tree lines, etc? Would you say it is a true 4 season tent? The lack of 4 way guy points leads me to think it might not do so well in a winter storm. So yeah, run it through the ringer and get back to us on it's bad weather performance. Thanks Luke.