Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Better than Fjallraven? - Tru-Spec 24/7 Xpedition Pants - Trail Review

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This is one which a lot of viewers have been waiting for; the review of the Tru-Spec Men’s 24-7 Xpedition Pants.

Are they tough?
Are they comfortable?
Are they as good as Fjallraven?

Find out now!

Link :

Cost : MSRP $117 but can be found much cheaper on Amazon and so on. $69 for this size and color on amazon at the time of filming.

Colors : Ranger Green, Black, Coyote, Charcoal gray, ranger green and black, and more.

Sizes : 28x30 all the way up to 40x36

Summary :

These are in my opinion the perfect definition of a tactical pair of pants and besides the looks which scream tactical they have the features to make it true.  When I first saw these I instantly made a mental comparison with Fjallraven trousers which I have personally worn for years and years.

For adventures in cool to slightly warm conditions, these are excellent. Great for backpacking, excellent for bushcraft and for those whom do security they have enough pockets for all of your carry needs.

Pros :
Quality – Looks to be quiet good; ykk zippers
Pockets – lots of options.  Love the cell phone pocket.
Fit – true to size for me; 32x30 excellent fit - All of the 24-7 Series® pants with a comfort slider waistband run about one size larger.  Large enough for an inner layer for warmth for the winter
Cost – excellent especially when you consider that you are getting what seems to be comparable quality to that of Fjallraven but at a fraction of the price.
Good drying Abilities; thanks to the material these quicker than any cotton
Tough : no rips or tears so far with my testing.  Reinforced in all the right places.
Flex – these pants offer a fair amount of stretch to them so you can maneuver as you need to. You can deep squat without any issues.

Cons :
Hot.  Even with the side vents which do help in breezy conditions, these pants will hold in a lot of heat and for me personally, anything about 75F is simply too hot to wear them.  The warmest conditions that I have tested them out in was around 88F and it was a miserable experience…lots of sweat which was only compounded by the strenuous work which I was doing.  These are perfect for cooler weather

When I received these pants there were some random threads hanging here and there.  Nothing of any concern but not what I would expect to see for a pair of pants which cost around $100 retail.

Durability : This remains to be seen and I have to be honest about this. With Fjallraven trousers I have worn them for years; adventure after adventure, day after day and they have earned their status.  These pants haven’t; so far so good but only time will tell if they can hold up like Fjallraven’s do.

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