Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Propper Series 100 8" Military Boot - Trail Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the Propper Series 100 8" military Boot.

Link :

Price : $109.99
Sizes : 5m – 15m with wide sizes available.
There is a waterproof version available for a bit more.

Pros :
Very good quality.  Over the years I have purchased and used many brands of military boot and I can tell you that  they are not all created equal.  For an example, I have found Rebook’s to be very good but Rocky’s to be TERRIBLE in all categories.

Short break in period – roughly 10 days

Lightweight : Not the lightest of all boots but not the heaviest either.  I have some which are extremely heavy and will kill your legs are a long day or hiking.

Very comfortable in general especially after break in.  Very supportive and the included sole inserts allow you to tailor your fit.

Soles do a good job of conforming to the pressure of your steps.

Good arch and ankle support.

They are made from water-resistant suede leather and 1000D Cordura that keeps them nice and dry. Speaking of dry, they do dry quite fast, which is nice after a day in the Florida swamps. They are pretty cool inside. Combined with a good pair of socks and your feet stay decently cool. While they cool, this is Florida and my feet sweat, however, now after some heavy-duty daily use they still don’t smell. I can’t say that about my old boots. Propper equips the Series 100 with an anti microbial lining that keeps the smell away.

I think so. They are only a hair over a hundred bucks and when it comes to boots that’s pretty affordable. They’re true fit to U.S. sizes so there is no guesswork when choosing a pair. They are supportive, comfortable, and they don’t smell like…well like a foot. The Series 100s are solid boots.

I’ve been testing these out for roughly 3 months and so far they have held up well to all of the miles which I have put on them which I estimate to be around 45 miles now.

Good laces; have held up well to use.

The uppers have metal loop eyelets from the ankles up. Propper says it’s a NATO speed lacing system. The eyelets make room for quick loosening of the laces for removing the boots. Tightening is likewise fast and easy, so much so that it’s necessary to keep tension on the laces until they’re tied, else they loosen on their own. It’s a small price to pay for speed, especially when considering these as duty gear.

Sole flexibility is moderate. Propper says they’re oil-resistant, too.

Cons :

These boots have a tendency to rub the right ankle and this seems to a common complaint which I have seen online.  This has virtually gone away with wear and use.

Because of the high profile of these boots, in hot temps you will sweat a lot!  This is common with all boots of this style.

I found the sole to be SLICK right out of the box on wet rocks and wood surfaces.  In fact, when new I just about slid across my deck while walking out to my office.   With use they have become more grippy; on dirt, gravel, in the forest, etc, the boots do a good job of digging in with little give.


In the end these boots have worked out very well for me and I think they are worthy of your outdoor needs.  Something to think about with these boots is that you need to narrow down your sizing more so than a full leather boot and that’s because you can’t form Cordura like you can leather.  With leather military boots you can soak them, allow them to dry during use which will provide you with a custom fit.  With these boots you do have the soles which you can use or not use so that you can essentially achieve the same sort of fit.

The price is good, the quality is very good and they are comfortable.

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