Friday, November 30, 2018

Military Surplus Forest Adventure In An Ice Storm

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Join Luke for a Military Surplus Ice Storm Adventure!

Gear Used in this Episode :

British DPM Basha Tarp
Bushcraft USA 10’ x 10’ Tarp
Cordage bag + Extra cordage

Tyvek Ground sheet
Hunker One tent
Trioxane and Hexamine Fire Starters
US Bivy
Kifaru Kit Bags

US Gen III Level 7 Insulated pants and jacket
Propper Military boots
Propper Pants

Mission Specific Products MRE

Gränsfors Hatchet
Keen water bottle
Toaks Tit. Pot
French Military Cookset
MLD Tit. Cup

US Gore-tex Rain Gear - Jacket and pants

Trunight TH30 headlamp

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