Friday, December 21, 2018

What The ??? - Bushcraft Tripod Weirdness Review

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A Bushcraft Tripod which can be used as a self defense weapon?
A Bushcraft Tripod which can be used as a cane?

Yeah, this is a weird one.....

Make sure to check the comments in the video as I will be doing a giveaway for one of you can protect yourself!  :D


Link :

Price : $23
Weight : 15.4oz
Height : 31.5
Max Load : 11lbs

Version : This is an older version; the newer version of this is black and from what I can tell is identical other than color.

Solo Stove has a version of this which is taller and also more expensive by $10.

GGbuy is a Chinese company from what I can tell; the amazon listing features very poor English which is kind of fun to read.  The listing for this is really trying to sell it and recommends this for a number of uses including a walking stick and self defense.  It also states that you can use it to hold a lantern.  Perfect for your outdoor activities for BBQ, picnic, even drying clothes, or other emergency needed.

Material : The listing says that it is made from Alumina but also states that it is made from steel. The chain may be steel but everything else is likely aluminum.

Review :

The quality of this is ok, the size is workable and I think it is a neat idea.  The cost seems high to me as this is something that feels like it should cost around $10.  You can easily make your own version of this with three sticks, some rope and a chain or piece of wire. 

Some people will like this and if you are considering purchase it, keep in mind that quality, size and nature of this product.  It’s not going to be for everyone and if you know what to expect, you might happy with it.


Would I go out and buy this; no, I would save my money.

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  1. 11-12 dollars on Aliexpress with free shipping. I don't see myself ever getting one of these, but 20+ is ridiculous. That being said, I love your channel, happy new year, and keep the videos coming :)