Friday, March 15, 2019

Rime Ice Hike - In the Clouds Day Hike Adventure

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Hot on the heels of the Creeper Walk adventure, Luke and Susie are out for another hike and this one involves ice; lots and lots of Rime Ice!


  1. What a beautiful hike (and drive), Luke and Susan! I live 3.5 hrs from the AT and would love to hike the trail with Rime snow and ice...never heard this term before. I've seen this before in the Bavarian and Swiss Alps. Such incredible beauty! Luke, your backpack looked off kilter as in hanging lower on your right. Maybe your left latissimus dorsi are more developed :) Just kidding, Bruh! You look good and healthy. Susan, you could pass for 26 easily. You know what I love about you two are your zest for life coupled with incredible style. You always look "together", more so than many couples I see on the trail. I have been pretty much confined to home for three months as I'm a caregiver to my wife and her 89 year old mother. Hopefully I'll be able to get back on the trail soon as my wife recovers. I tested some new equipment the past two mornings in my backyard Hobo Camp and was able to cut several pounds from my pack, a German Flecktarn Mountain rucksack. I want to thank you for your videos as I've been living vicariously through them. Great videos guys!

  2. No tights, Luke. Don't do that to us. Happy Birthday, Susan!

  3. Happy birthday, Susan! 26 is totally believable btw.