Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Corpsman Assault Add-on Pack - Interesting Design!

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Like military surplus?  If so, you are going to like this as this is an awesome system which can be used for any purpose.  This is the Corpsman Assault System and in this video I am focusing on the Corpsman Add-On pack.

Where to Buy : eBay is your Best bet

Price : These generally go for around $120 on the open market but they are rare and sellers will often exploit that.  For an example, there is one for sale on eBay right now with the corpsman pack and they asking $550

Weight : 3lbs 12oz

Rarity : This are fairly uncommon when it comes to the civilian/military surplus market.


Overview :

The Corpsman Assault System (CAS) is an SL-3 component of the Pack, Assemblage Medical, TAMCN C53322E, which includes Class VIII supplies and is managed by Program Manager, Supply and Maintenance Systems. The CAS design is government-owned and replaces the Corpsman Assault Pack (CAP) of the Individual Load Bearing Equipment (ILBE) Pack System. The CAS is part of the Family of ILBE.

Features :

The CAS is a modular/scalable medical first responder bag system tailorable to casualty expectations and mission duration.Components:The CAS consists of four bags: the medical assault pack, a medical sustainment bag, a medical thigh rig, and a modular medical pouch. It also includes reconfigurable internal components: a narcotics pouch, two medium pouches, two large pouches, two small reversible pouches, two medium reversible pouches, two elastic panels, a double pocket panel, a stacked pocket panel, and a triple pocket panel.

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