Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Ultra Portable Tarp - RAB Siltarp 1 Shelter Review

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Interested in an Ultralight and Ultra Portable Tarp which can be used as an emergency shelter?

This is the RAB Siltarp 1!

Tarp : RAB Siltarp1 Shelter

Agenda Free Tarp Link : https://rab.equipment/us/siltarp-1

Price : $85 retail price

Siltarp 2  : $135 retail

Siltarp 3 : $185.00 retail

You may be able to find these for less on Amazon

Weight Siltarp 1 : 7oz

Weight Siltarp 2 : 14oz

Weight Siltarp 3 : 21oz

Colors : Yellow, Olive Green and Grey


·       1.5m x 2.4m (5’x 8’) rectangular tarp provides 3.75m2 (40 sq ft) of coverage

·       Ultralight silicone Sil-Coat™ impregnated 30d ripstop Cordura®

·       Versatile tarp can be set up using trekking poles or trees

·       Multiple lightweight webbing loops

·       Corners and center guyline points reinforced with Hypalon

·       Stuff sack included

·       218g / 8oz


Review Pros :

Exceptionally lightweight – so light that you can throw it into your pack for just about any reason including a dry place to sit when at camp instead of having to hunker down inside of your tent.

Makes an excellent emergency shelter as long as you have the knowledge to use it correctly – that is a good point to make – Tarps can be excellent shelters but it does take some knowledge to do so correctly especially as weather conditions change.

Quality is excellent – excellent sewing/seams

Stretchy, strong fabric – You wouldn’t think it by looking at it or feeling it (it’s feather-light and semi-transparent), but the fabric is very strong. It’s also easy to get taut.

Easy to pack

Reinforced attachment points – The fabric loop attachment points (not grommets) have stood up to lots of pulling and straining on my part.

Ease to use

Stuff bag is plenty big to easily get the tarp into with guy lines attached and plenty of tent stakes.

Well thought out with plenty of tie off points for virtually any setup

Center rigging point allows for some very unique setups.

Review Cons :

Lightweight and quality come at a cost

Fabric attachments take a while to dry – The attachment points aren’t waterproof. If they’re going into the compression bag wet (as they usually will be) then they’ll be coming out wet.

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