Tuesday, April 21, 2020

How to Block the Wind - NDuR Mini Stove Windshield – Large and Small Review

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Today Luke is reviewing both sizes of the NDuR Mini Stove Windshields; large and small!

Watch to learn what he likes and what he absolutely hates!

Agenda Free Link Large : N/A

Agenda Free Link Small : https://www.lyonstactical.com/products/ndur-mini-stove-wind-shield-black-small

Lyons Tactical : This Agenda Free Review was made possible thanks to Lyon’s Tactical which is an online Tactical & Survival store.

Price Large : $17

Price Small : $16

Weight Large : 6.5oz

Weight Small : 3.8oz

Materials : Aluminum and Stainless


Folded size: 8.5 x 3.3 x 0.6in (217 x 85 x 15mm)

Unfolded size: 26 x 8. in (660 x 217mm)


Folded size: 5.5 x 2.8 x 0.6in (140 x 70 x 15mm)

Unfolded size: 19 x 2.8in (475 x 70mm)

The NDūR Mini Stove Windshields are a great accessory to our portable stoves or it will improve the efficiency of any stove. The lightweight shield is made from aluminum and has pegging pins for improved stability. Comes with carry bag.Improve the efficiency of any stove

Walls made from aluminum – post rods are made from stainless steel

Comes with carry bag.


NDūR : This is a company which is owned and operated by ProForce and you may be thinking that this name sounds familiar; it’s the parent company of Snugpak!  NDūR is a survival products company and in the future I may take a further look at what they carry if you are all interested.


Review :

Pros :

Excellent quality – no issues with repeated folding – opening and closing

Light weight

Compact and thin

Does exactly as they were designed to do; block wind so that your stove performs more efficiently.

Price? Average price for such products; there are multiple companies who make such products – some more expensive, some more so. Note : Some sites sell these for $25 such as Walmart!

Larger shield is excellent for canister stoves and larger systems.

The small size if perfect for liquid fuel stoves.

They don't absorb heat either. I can do a full 5 minute boil and it is never hot. You can turn your stove off and immediately handle it.

Cons :

The storage bags that these windshields come with are in my opinion….terrible.  The mesh material at the top makes it a real pain in the a$$ and I don’t use them.  The shields get caught pulling the shields out and putting them in.  Putting them in my fire kit works perfectly and if you need to, you can put a rubber band around them.

If you are determined to use the bags, put the shields in upside down and it will be slightly easier to get the shield into the carry bag.

Due to the cracks which are present due to the design, in strong winds, there will be some flame influence. Are their shields that work better? Yes, solid shields without folding capabilities that allow for no air to enter at all but they lack in the convenience aspect.  They are generally less stable and can be extremely sharp.

Not really a con, but the grounding stakes don’t work on hard surfaces such as rocks but there are ways to use the shield without them in those situations; bracing works perfectly.

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