Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Junk! - Walmart Lithic 65L Expedition Backpack – Review

Luke has been testing out the Walmart Lithic Backpack for months now and it is time to pass on his review of a product that should be avoided.


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Walmart Lithic 65L Expedition Backpack – Review

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Price : $98.00

Colors : Black

Sizes : 40l, 50l, 65l,

Weight : 4lbs 4oz

Measurements : 14.1x12.6x30.7 in

Materials : Duraflex buckles, 200D Nylon – NO NAME Zippers


Review Pros :

If the quality was better, the design of this backpack wouldn’t be bad. It has all of the features and pockets that the average backpacker would need.

Good amount of pockets so you can organize as you please. 9 pockets in total; for some reason Moosejaw and Walmart claim 11 but that isn’t accurate.

Strap keepers!

Lid is floating so you can raise and lower it as your loadout changes.

Two access points; top and side – Awesome.

Good looks

Adjustable for different torso lengths

Rain fly is included

The shoulder harness padding and waist belt is thick and comfortable….but not thick and comfortable enough to make up for the issues with the pack frame.

Review Cons :

All of the pros that I mentioned mean absolutely nothing if the backpack isn’t comfortable to wear and it isn’t!

My issue with this pack is the frame-sheet and the stays which make up the support of the suspension system. It’s so weak that depending on how you wear the pack, it can literal bow away from your back which puts virtually all of the weight on your shoulders while stressing your spine. I’ve taken this pack out for 2 overnight trips which amounted to about 22 miles of hiking and I won’t be doing any more. It’s simply uncomfortable and as you adjust the load-lifters the pack isn’t rigid enough to handle those adjustments and bows and flexes away from you body.

If you take a look at the pack, the top is completely limp and offers no support for the load-lifters to be used. It shouldn’t be like this as this renders them useless.

Then if you look at the middle of the frame-sheet, the sides are the same way. Very weak and flimsy. Only the very center is rigid and that isn’t enough to support this pack.

If you can wear it with no load lifter adjustment and it is comfortable, this pack may be somewhat more comfortable than what I experienced but I like having the loadout pulled up and towards me just a bit to be comfortable with most backpacks.

Hip pocket are small and only very small, very slim items will fit in them.

Feels cheap and as you look around the pack you will see that it doesn’t feel very sturdy

Outside of the pack has a daisy chain of looping on the front; if you look at the inside of what it has been sewn to, you will find this mess of stitching and fabric for whatever you put in this pocket to get caught on. I’ve had items get caught on this and the lower section of the fabric ripped.

The pack was designed to be hydration compatible but it isn’t really. There is ports for hoses but there isn’t a clip or strap to hold the bladder but it looks like there was meant to be one. There is a strap which is sewn and is completely useless hanging on the inside.

There is no dedicated sleeping bag pocket – for me this isn’t that big of deal but for some it might be. Where the sleeping bag pocket should be is a small pocket which is absolutely useless once you put anything in side of your pack. As it fills up that space, the zippered pocket becomes so tight that it can’t be used.

The lid cinch is in a really weird place and in fact, I don’t know if I have ever seen another company do this before. It’s not centered at the top of the pack, it’s off to the side and it does in fact make opening this pack slightly more difficult than it needs to be. Also the cincher is terrible and more times than not, result in your unzipping the side of the pack instead of opening the top of the pack.

Speaking of which, if you are going to implement a side zip, you have to have a snap or a clip to tension it so you can unleash the pack or every time that you go to do so, it unzips instead.

Due to the design, it is difficult to seal up the top of the pack and you’ll waste time messing with it.

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