Monday, September 28, 2020

Real Review - Helikon-Tex Swagman Roll Blanket - Sleeping Bag - Poncho -...

This is the Helikon-Tex Swagman Roll;

Blanket, Sleeping Bag, UnderQuilt, Poncho Liner and in this episode Luke is giving his Agenda Free Review!

Pros and Cons after 6+ months of use!


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Helikon-Tex Swagman Roll Review

Agenda Free Link :

Price : $126.

Colors : 3 shades of Green, Black, Coyote, Flecktarn, Wildwood,

Claimed Weight : 1.64lbs

Actual Weight : 1lbs 11.4oz with storage bag

Storage Bag weight : 1oz

Bag weight : 1lb 10.4oz

Included : Blanket, Stuff bag

Measurements Blanket Mode :

55” wide

79” long

Measure Meants Sleeping Bag Mode :

27.5” Wide

79” long

Measurements when stuffed :


12” long Materials : Dupont Teflon fabric protector and extra warm liner filled with Climashield Apex insulating material , YKK zippers,

Insulation : Climashield Insulation - Proven performance in side-by-side comparisons of warmth-to-weight ratio and durability is the reason Climashield® has supplied the U.S. Armed Forces for over 30 years.

Review Pros :

Excellent insulation for temps down to around $50. This is of course subjective for everyone but once the temps went into the 40’s, I was getting cold. I’ve heard from some viewers who were told by other youtubers that this would take them comfortably into the 30’s. That’s not true at all; I’ve confirmed this with my own testing and with the experiences of those viewers who I spoke it. You might be able to push it down into the 30’s but you would have to be wearing some seriously warm layers. Realistically, 50f is the comfort zone.

Excellent quality.

Awesome design

Very functional

Easy to use as a blanket, sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner, poncho, great for hammock in warm weather

Is fully USGI poncho compatible

Hood is warm

Very good price.

Small form factor – larger than a woobie blanket but it is more versatile.

Sheds water thanks to a DWR coating

hood is adjustable

Review Cons :

My biggest con is size; for wider individual it could be an issue. Not height wise as it is 79” long, but it is rather narrow at 27.5” If you have wide shoulders or are just a big individual, it may be too small. For myself, length wise it fits fine but width wise, it is at the point of being uncomfortable. I have a shoulder diameter of 48” and if you are any larger than that, it will be too tight.

Nylon material is what I would label as civilian grade; not military. While I haven’t had any issues and I don’t see any reason why I would, I have seen reports of some rips and tearing online with hard use. I’ve read that the outer and inner materials not not mil-spec.

Smallish head hole size; big heads or wearing a hat it may be snug if not impossible. Also, small face hole.

Summary :

Do I recommend this product? Absolutely! This is another product from Helikon that is absolutely top notch. The quality is excellent, very versatile, price is reasonable, warm for what it is, great form factor and it is everything that the Woobie blanket isn’t and I have no problem recommending it.

Again, for wide individuals using this in sleeping bag mode may be impossible. For myself, it’s right at the point of being uncomfortable. I can make it work but I wish there was more space. Keep that in mind before purchasing and also, keep in mind the temp range. Realistically, 50f comfort. Don’t listen to nonsense; commonsense will tell you that this won’t keep you warm at 30f unless you have VERY warm clothing layers….if you do, that makes you wider and it may not fit.


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