Monday, December 21, 2020

The Worst Stove Ever - Small Lixada Wood Burning Stove - Real Review

Luke is back with another 100% Agenda Free Review of a wood burning stove from the company known as Lixada.

This happens to be the biggest piece of JUNK and I wouldn't waste your money on's terrible in just about every single way possible.


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:: Lixada Wood Burning Stove with Alcohol Plate ::

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Price : $14 at the time of filming even though a few months ago I purchased this for $9

Weight : 4.9oz

Version : There are 5 versions;

Small 201 Stainless

Medium 201 Stainless

Large 201 Stainless

Medium 304 Stainless with Titanium Coating

Small 201 Stainless with Titanium Coating

The options are confusing and the information on Amazon isn’t very helpful. Plus each one of these stoves is a different size even when talking about two smalls stove or even the medium.

Also, the information for these products is poorly written; here is an example -

The medium 201 stainless stove includes the following;

Stove with Alcohol Dish & Pouch Stove & Pouch

Setup process :

Not easy – not because it is complicated but rather, the pieces do not stay together once the stove is put together fully. You can grab it and lift and it will fall apart VERY easily and that’s after long terms burns and warping of the stainless plates.

Want to increase your frustrations? Add in the alcohol pan….

Easy of Use :

The small size of this stove sounds good in theory but in truth, it is far more irritating to use than it should be. You have to feed the stove very small pieces of wood but with a pot on top of the stove, you will burn your fingers feeding it. So you have to change your approach; either feed it long piece of wood and leave some of that length hanging out or take the pot/cup off of the stove and drop in the fuel.

If you put in long pieces of wood, as it burns you will have flaming bits and pieces of wood falling on to the ground which is a fire hazard.

If you feed from the top you are extending your boil/cooking time. It doesn’t sound like much but it is as you continuously have to feed the stove.

Yes you can burn large pieces of wood but you have to have a good hot base to get to that point and more than likely once the stove is ready for large diameters of fuel, you will be done with the boil/cooking event.

Pros :


Small and compact

Comes with a carry pouch.

Quality of the stainless is ok but the edges are sharper than most stoves of this type. It won’t cut you but it is without a doubt sharper than most that I have reviewed.

Cools down quickly after you are done using it

As far as pros go, that’s it.

Cons :

Price – for what this stove offers and all of the problems and irritations which come with using it, the price is too high in my opinion.

Pain to setup and put together.

Isn’t sturdy - Stove once setup doesn’t stay together unless you hold the stove by two sides.

Can’t be moved easily.

No pot supports which means that this small stove can’t be used with small cups and pots.

Because there are no pot supports, your pot or cup will sit on top of the stove which limits airflow to your fire which causes a ton of smoke and inefficient burning.

Very inefficient to use

Because there is so much smoke thanks to the inefficient burn, there will be soot all over everything! Incredibly dirty stove to use.

Hard to feed

Accepts only small pieces of wood when using the stove safely.

Will burn your fingers if you aren’t careful.

Plate warping will happen immediately

Pointless alcohol pan – if you want to use alcohol, go with something else completely. You’ll waste so much time setting this up...

Summary :

Most of the time I like wood stoves like this but this is one which I absolutely hate. There are very few pros to using it and I can easily say this; don’t waste your money on it. I wasted my money so you don’t have to; there are other stoves out on the market, many that I have reviewed which are much better.

This is a poorly thought out product and my Agenda Free Advice is to buy something else if you are looking for a wood stove or an alcohol stove.

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