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Too Tough? - Honest Real World Multi-Year Review : Fjallraven Barents Pr...

This is the review that many have been waiting for;

over almost 10 years I have been wearing primarily Fjallraven Pants on my channel and today, I'm reviewing two different kinds;

The Barents Pro Trousers and the Vidda Pro Trousers.

You want the best of the best when it comes to outdoor/bushcraft pants? This is them!


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Fjallraven Barents and Vidda Pro Pants

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Fjallraven is a Swedish company who makes some serious outdoor gear and clothing and with just about everything that they make, the quality is amazing and their prices are exceptionally high.

My experiences with the company go back 10 years; I had a pair of the Barents imported and fell in love them these pants as they were so strong, so durable, and the performance was so good…..I’ve worn virtually nothing else since then.

Differences : Barents have a raw length and when you receive them, you will need to get them hemmed to your size.

The Vidda Pro Trousers have a predetermined length and one less pocked.

In truth, I have owned a pair of each and unless I looked really closely, I wouldn’t even notice a difference. The Vidda pants do come in a larger variety of colors than the Barents.

Price : Retail $145 for the Barents, $155 for the Vidda

Weight for Size 48 : 1.25lbs

Colors : Dark olive, Dark Grey, Black

Review Pros :

Incredibly tough – have handled all of my use and abuse without any issues. One pair of pants can literally last years and years. For an example, these are 3 years old and I wear them just about daily. Seriously, I wear them to go to town if it is cool, I wear them for most hiking trips….and they have taken everything that I have put them through.

I’ve ripped the crotch on some barbed wire, resewn them and no issues.

Left side pocket where I put my phone has begun to worn through and I have sewn them the best that I can...For 3 years of hard use, I’m very, very pleased.

Good wind resistance.

Good water resistance

Dry quickly.

Price – They are more expensive that a lot of pants but they are so strong, I consider even full price to be very fair.

Lower waist is awesome for backpacking as your harness will go above your belt if you wear one. This makes for a more comfortable backpacking experience. If you are aren’t familiar with wearing a lower wasted pant, these will ruin you once you get accustomed it. Anything higher wasted will not be your preference.

Lots of pockets

Re-enforced knees

Knee pads can be used but I have only done this worked well but I found that I don’t really need them in most cases.

Lifetime warranty… long as you have your receipt. I’ve heard that the company can be less than helpful if you are not able to prove that you are the original purchaser.

Can be waxed….if you wish go through that process. I’ve done it a time or two and prefer not to it. It’s a chore to do, a job to wash it out, adds to the weight, limits breathability, and so on. I would suggest doing a cotton water repellent wash and that will help make them much more resistant to light to modern rain.

Belt loops are great for hanging items…

My experiences is that the fit is relaxed and comfortable….but with everyone having a different body type your mileage will vary.

Review Cons :

No rear wallet pocket

Not the best for hot conditions – in the summer, if you have to wear pants I would definitely recommend something else unless you need some pants that are very strong and durable. By the way, Fjallraven has pants which are better suited for warm weather...

Sizing can be confusing for American users. EU sizing has to be converted...I am a 32” waste and I wear a 48 in EU sizing.

Material doesn’t stretch….this really isn’t a big deal...but if you plan to rock climb of run around in an obnoxious sort of way...these aren’t the best pants for you.

Heavy...there are much lighter pants out on the market

Summary :

For the majority of my adventures and daily life use, these are my go to pants and I can’t state their praises any more than I already have. They are top notch and are well worth the money.

Great for bushcraft, great for hiking, great in warm, cool and cold conditions...not hot.

Great for being at the range, working around the house, and every day use.

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