Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Forget Kifaru and Mystery Ranch - Savotta Keikka Duffel Bags - Real Review

Forget Kifaru and Mystery Ranch Duffles, in this Agenda Free Review, Luke is reviewing the Savotta Keikka Duffel Bags which come in three sizes, a 30L, a 50L, and a 80L.

These are some of the highest quality of tactical bags on the market today and have features which others don't!

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Savotta Keikka Duffel Bags - 30L 50L 80L Agenda Free Links :
50L - 3050 Cu In - 3.1lbs - 14” x 10” x 22” 
80L - 4880 Cu In - 4.1lbs - 14” x 12” x 32”

Colors : Black and Green

Materials : Main Material - 1000D Cordura Webbing - 100% Continuous Piece Polyester Hardware - Welded Steel Padding - Closed-Cell Foam Pads

Warranty : 5 Years

My Personal Use and Pros :

Since I got my license in high school, I’m been car camping, truck camping and overlanding all over the country and I’ve yet to find a organization system which really worked well for me....until now.

These Savotta Duffles are perfect for my truck camping needs and that is how I have been primarily been using them. While I have used the smallest bag as a range bag, my main use case has been in my truck as a way to organize my gear while traveling and camping. Review Pros :

This will shock you, but price is a pro; compared to other military grade, tactical duffles, these are either equal in price or less expensive. Kifaru has duffle bags which I haven’t gone hands on with and they are substantially more expensive than these with lower strength materials. Very Versatile in terms of use. Versatile carry options. Incredible quality. High End construction.

Highest levels of strength. - Speaking of which, Savotta has a video of these duffles holding 440lbs without the materials or the buckles breaking.

Awesome looking products. Padded support. Plenty of pockets and organization options. Flat sides make stacking very easy. When not in use, them nestle inside of each other and can take up very little space.

Review Cons :

There is no way to spin it, these duffle bags are expensive but with that being said, you are getting the best of the best materials, the strongest and more robust of packs. Yes you can purchase much less expensive duffle bags but the quality is going to be much, much different. The materials are going to different; for an example, most inexpensive bags, packs and duffles are made from polyester where as higher end products will be made from a high quality nylon such as Cordura.

Mystery Ranch offers duffle bags which are also made of Cordura and they are virtually the same prices; they are completely different products. While the mystery ranch are nice, when you go hands on with these and those, it is night and day. The reason I can say this is because I have gone hands on the with 55L Mystery Ranch and it is a much more civilian product. It looks and feels like something you are going to put your tennis shoes in. The Savotta pack feels like you should be putting a few packages of c4 in it.

Backpack Harness is an expensive addon which has to be purchased separately ($42). For the cost of these bags, I would like to see the harness being included. Summary :

Because of the price of these bags, these aren’t obviously for everyone but when you need a highly versatile duffle bag that is of a higher quality and stronger than all the rest, this is what you need to be looking.

Savotta has a very good reputation for a reason as they are a company who produce high end, military level gear;

Buy once, cry once and the product lasts forever! That’s what you get and that is my experiences with Savotta gear.

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