Wednesday, April 14, 2021

This Military Pack is Incredible - Granite Gear Chief Patrol Pack

Forget about the FILBE and the ILBE military packs as this pack from Granite Gear is substantially better.

This is the Granite Gear 90L Chief Patrol Pack and it is one of the best military rucksacks out on the market today.

Awesome Features and Price....for now. 

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Granite Gear Chief Patrol Pack :

Where to Find Them : Likely best source is eBay

Price : Retail was around $650, I purchased mine from eBay for $130 plus shipping. Most for sale on eBay for around $220 but it can be found higher and also lower

Availability : Limited but there is a good handful of packs still for sale on eBay

Weight : right at 7lbs

Adaptable Torso : The CHIEF framesheet has fine adjustment settings spaced in one inch increments to further fine-tune your fit. Regular Torso Fits 16" to 22" The bottom hole is 16" torso, the top hole is 22" torso.

Materials : NIR SOLUTION-DYED FABRIC – Both the base fabric (500d), and webbing (1000d) consist of solution-dyed nylon (SDN) CORDURA® fabrics that provide maximum Near Infra-red (NIR) signature reduction concealment properties.

Zippers : IDEAL® Zipper: The TAC Zipper is the only abrasion resistant coil zipper available! Ideal has committed themselves to developing technologically advanced zippers for the military/tactical market.

Buckles : ITW Fastex / Nexus

Camo and Colors : Coyote Brown, Black and ACU Camo

Capacity : 90L / 5500 Cubic Inches

Weight Limit : Designed to carry 100lbs

Why is it called CHIEF? That’s the name of the suspension system : COMPOSITE HYBRID INTERCHANGEABLE ERGONOMIC FRAMESHEET


CHIEF FRAMESHEET – A 3-D molded framesheet fits the contours of the back, and flexes with the body while maintaining exceptional support. PIVOT POINT HARDWARE - Comfort is achieved with pivoting anchor points for shoulder straps and belts that also help maximize body movement. Torso length and shoulder harness width are adjustable for a custom fit.

BODY ARMOR COMPATIBLE HARNESS - The harness is customizable to fit over body armor. Extra shoulder strap padding is removable, and a lumbar pad is added for better load transfer.

First, the bite valve is ready to sip, without moving your hands from mission critical tasks. Second, gravity feed is maximized, for a better flow rate. And finally, by avoiding the top of the pack, communications system wiring and antenna routing are cleaner.

Dual 100oz Side Hydration Pockets

The Chief packs come standard with dual (right and left) hydration side pockets each capable of holding a 100 oz. bladder. These convenient pockets allow you to fill your water without removing them from your pack. High output ports are included.• ACCESS PANEL – Two vertical zippers open the front of the pack and allow for rapid load / unload of inner contents.

RADIO POCKET - Fits the 117 radio, and straps below carry 2 spare batteries close to the frame. Antenna/Communications ports are accessible through the lid.

Suspension system is adjustable and can be altered to fit Short, Average and Long torso lengths.

B-TOGS Strap Wraps are a convenient way to adjust and fix the extra length of webbing on a pack’s adjustable straps. B-TOGS are silent and do not stick to clothing like Velcro strap wraps. They are removable and field replaceable. The bungee allows you to make length adjustments without undoing the tog.

CRISSCROSS STRAP CLOSURE -Under the lid, but on top of the spindrift collar, straps cross from front to back, and from side to side, securing the load, and providing for extra lashing options. The side to side strap can neatly secure the side lift handles under the lid for extra snag-proof security. The side to side strap


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