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Have You Ever Seen a Headlamp this Warm / Orange? - NiteCore UT27 Headla...

This is my Agenda Free Review of the NiteCore UT27 Headlamp and unfortunately, it misses the mark in my opinion.

Why is the spotlight mode so ORANGE?

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NiteCore UT27 Headlamp :
What it is : This is a lightweight headlamp from the well known lighting brand NiteCore. They make a wide range of headlamps and flashlights and their quality is generally excellent.

Agenda Free Link :

Cost : $55

Weight : 2.7oz on my scale

Battery : Lithium Ion HLB-1300mAh
Additional Batteries can be purchased for $10

Modes : Read Card

Waterproof Rating : IP66 - this is good for protection from dust and strong jets of water from any direction

Materials : Plastic housing

Review Pros :
Easy to use!
Excellent weight
Doesn’t bounce around on your head when running nor walking.
Dual beam functionality with the flood and the spot.
Red Mode - I’m a fan of this mode myself and I find that I use it a great deal.
Replaceable battery -
Additional batteries are inexpensive.
AAA Batteries can also be used but you won’t get the same battery life. It will be a few hours shorter in most modes
Battery indicator
Ability to Lock the Headlamp so that it doesn’t turn on accidentally when bouncing around in your pack.

Comfortable headband - fully adjustable

Cons :
I dislike the color variants of the LEDs and much prefer cool white light to warmer tons. With this headlamp, you have a strong cool white 3000K on one side and a very strong warm 5700K on the other; it’s jarring to switch between these and in fact, it takes some time for your eyes to adjust to the stark differences.

Speaking of the Warm light, it’s so strong that I find that it washes out some details of the landscape which is a problem when trail running.

More importantly than the differences in the color performance of the LED’s, is the overall performance of illumination. On the highest of settings, unfortunately there are times where it is simply not putting off enough light to see the landscape before you.

What I’ve noticed with my testing is that when the sun is going down and you are at the point where you need some light but it is not completely dark out yet; it is rather difficult to see with this headlamp and that’s because of the limited max brightness of this headlamp. It’s a situation where your eyes are having to adjust to the light of the headlamp and the present but limited light of the environment; that’s the best way that I can describe it but in the end, the limited overall performance of this headlamp is hindering in that brief moment until it gets dark.

When it’s completely dark out and your eyes are adjusted, the performance is adequate.

While you have dual functionality with the flood and spot, neither mode is exceptionally powerful nor strong. It’s Adequate but not exceptional in either mode.

With the white flood, it’s simply not very bright - just enough for walking and backpacking but not for running.

The warm spot is brighter, allows for you to see further head but because it’s so warm it masks the terrain and can make seeing everything in detail difficult. For an example, the warm color can make a root that is sticking up the same color as the ground and you won’t be able to tell what it is until you are about the trip over it.

Turbo mode which is both modes operating at the same time, that is 520 lumens - this offers plenty of visibility but unfortunately the duration is limited before it will turn off. It will run for 30 seconds before shifting down.

Summary :
How well this performs will depend on how you are using it. For trail running, I find that this headlamp isn’t my first choice even though it is very light. The overall performance simply isn’t strong enough to be safe.

For biking, I wouldn’t use this headlamp due to the performance; it would be dangerous in my opinion with the limited output.

For hiking, it’s just enough to make your way through the environment.

For around camp uses, it’s more than enough.
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