Monday, May 23, 2022

A Game Changer - Hilleberg Winter to Summer Conversion Mesh Inner Kit

This is an Absolute Game Changer!
In this episode Luke is discussing the Hilleberg Mesh Inner which replaces the fabric inners so that Hilleberg Tents can be used in the warmer months.
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Hilleberg Nammatj 2 Mesh Inner - 3 Season Conversion Kit

What it is : Hilleberg is renown for their 4 season tents; within this category of shelter, their tents are frankly the best of the best in terms of strength and storm worthiness.

While their 4 season tents excel in the winter time in cold conditions, those type of shelters are the opposite of what you want as the temperatures rise.

This is why; 

Double wall 4 season tents feature a fabric inner like this and this fabric inner provides some true benefits when camping during the winter months.

It blocks wind drafts, blocks snow from entering the tent body, and it holds in heat.

Think of those properties for a moment;

Blocks wind drafts and holds in heat.  This is the exact opposite of what you want in the summer when it is warm; 

You want as much air flow as possible and you want warmth to be released instead of being trapped. 

That’s where is product comes into play -

This is the Hilleberg Mesh Inner for the Nammatj 2 and the Nammatj 2 GT tents and it replaces the fabric inner so that this shelter can be used in the warmer months.

How important is this kit?  That is a great question -
Without it, I would never use this tent in the warmer months….it’s absolutely miserable to do so.  

It’s like this, you go camping with this tent or similar, you set it up and let's say that it’s 80F outside.  Inside of the tent, it can easily be 20 - 30 degrees warmer and again, that’s because the fabric is hold in in heat and it’s limiting air flow.

Nammatj 2 / 2 GT Mesh Inner Tent

Price : $285

Weight: 2lbs 2oz 

Can be set up on its own when using the tent poles - requires 6 stakes to do so.

Worth the money - For those who plan to use their strong Hilleberg tent in the warmer months, this mesh inner is a no brainer as the benefits are massive.  

A Hilleberg tent with a fabric inner in the summer is basically unusable in warmer conditions whereas with the mesh inner, it becomes a supremely strong tent that can be used in the 3rd season.


Tent Availability : Akto, Anjan 2, 3, Allak, Enan, Helags 2, 3, Kaitum 2, 3, Soulo, Soulo BL, Staika, Nallo or Nallo GT 2, 3, or 4, Nammatj, Nammatj GT 2, 3, Rogen, and Unna tent.

Product Availability : unfortunately due to the shortages and limitations which many industries are facing today, the mesh inners for most Hilleberg tents are exceptionally hard to locate.  In fact, I contacted Hilleberg about the Mesh Inners and they stated that their primary focus is on tents with very little on the inners.

Because of that, if something like this is something you are interested in, at least for now, you may have to wait or you may have to do some researching.  These mesh inners are out there but will be hard to locate.

Thank you CJ; a viewer located this for me and I am incredibly grateful.

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