Monday, May 30, 2022

Does it Impress? Teton Sport Quick Hiker Vista 2 Tent - First Look

After experiencing just how good the Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent was, I decided to check out a car camping tent from the company.

This is the Teton Sports Quick Hiker Vista 2 - a sort of pop-up tent that's certainly different than most tent designs.
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Teton Sports Vista 2 Quick Tent - Car Camping Tent

What it is : Over the last couple of months i have been impressed with the quality of the products coming out of the company which is known as Teton Sports.

The Mountain Ultra Tent is a budget friendly tent, that is fully waterproof and features some of the best quality that I have seen with a tent.  

Best I have been so impressed so far, I decided to take a look at other Teton Sports products and one of those products is the focus of this video.

What I have here is the Teton Sports Vista 2 Quick Tent; it is a 2 person, 2 door tent and features an extremely fast setup and breakdown process. 

Setup Measurements : 82" x 60" x 41"
Weight : 6.3 lbs
Packed Measurements : 33” x 7” x 7”

The Fly : 75D 190T Taffeta
That is all that is listed but I suspect the floor is made of a polyester material of some sort.

Price : Retail $120

Colors : There is an impressive variety of colors in which this tent is available : 

grey and silver

Accessories : Teton has a number of available accessories for the quick hiker series of tents including cots and an elite rain fly which goes to the ground when the tent is being used on a cot.

Available Versions
Quick Tent 1 Person
Quick Tent 2 Person 
And there are sets which feature a quick tent and a cot. 

- Pops up in an instant and locks into place
- Fits perfectly on two Universal Camp Cots
- Standard rainfly included
- Elite rainfly available for purchase - sold separately
- Lifetime Warranty

The new Vista Quick Tent, by TETON Sports, sets up in an instant. Simply roll it out, lock your poles and pull the drawstring. The locking hub keeps your tent up until you are ready to take it down. These tents are made to use on the ground or fit on top of either the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Cot (Vista 1) or two TETON Sports Universal Camp Cots (Vista 2) for a camping experience that is out of this world.

Two-way zippers make getting in and venting your tent a breeze. And a gear loft holds a light and small essentials. A standard tent-length rainfly comes with each tent. Look for the Elite Rainfly, sold separately, that covers the tent and cot(s) all the way to the ground. Stay dry, get outdoors and enjoy life.
Thoughts and Impressions :

In Video -

I have high hopes for the Teton Sports quick tent that it will have no issues when it comes to waterproofing and can be a recommended car camping - overlanding tent. 

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