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Is This the Best Emergency Shelter? - AquaQuest Survivor Tarp - Agenda F...

Is this the Ultimate Emergency Shelter?
Should this be in your backpack when heading out for your adventures?

That is what I intend to answer in this Agenda Free Review of the AquaQuest Survivor Tarp.

What makes it so good and are there any problems?

Find out now.
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Aqua Quest Survivor Emergency Tarp - Agenda Free Review

What it is : This is an emergency tarp shelter that is made by a company that is, in my opinion, one of the very best tarp makers out there.

Sizes : 10’ x 10’ or 15’ x 15’

Weight : 1.8lbs

Materials :
70D Nylon Ripstop

Waterproof Ratings : 5,000mm 

Colors : Orange Only

10x10 is $115
15x15 is $215

Thoughts on Price - considering the size of this tarp and the materials used, it makes sense and it is fair.  Emergency shelters usually fall into one of two categories; inexpensive single use garbage or expensive.  This is on the high end but it’s certainly not the most expensive.

Review Pros :

Excellent size for adequate protection - with my 30+ years of outdoor experience with tarps, I’ve found that the 10x10 is the perfect size as it's not too big nor too small.  With a rectangle shaped tarp, I personally don’t like to go smaller than 10x8 as it limits setups and protection.

With this tarp, it does an excellent job of protecting the user or users - Protection from all types - rain, wind and snow.

This is a square tarp and you may know this already but most consider the square tarp to be the most versatile when it comes to outdoor uses - you can pitch them in tons of shapes and they are easily adaptable for all weather conditions.  

Think of it from a geometry perspective; you are able to create more shapes with a square than you would be able to from a rectangle.  Square is better than long and narrow. 

Review Cons
Weight is the only issue that I have with this product - while it is justified considering the materials, I would like to see additional options and materials as there are plenty of people who do not need to be carrying a 70D Nylon tarp - in areas that face extreme weather conditions that sort of materials makes sense.  

Talking about conditions here in the mountains, we can easily have wind speeds over 70mph in the winter time here; the highest recorded wind speed has been around 200mph.

That’s in the winter; in the summer time even in an extreme storms winds rarely get over 40mph.

For lesser extreme areas or time of year where emergencies are still possible, a lighter weight product would be appreciated by many including myself.

Minor Con : No guy lines or stakes included - for this price, I think it would be nice.  

Point to consider - tarp shelters can be more difficult to setup with little to no prior experience or knowledge.  Luckily one can change that rather easily and in no time one can setup a shelter system that is going to protect them from the elements while keeping them completely dry.

From an emergency perspective, these are more complicated to use but with a little experience you can set up a shelter that is far superior and safer to anything else that is on the market including products such as the Wind Sack or the Bothy Bag.

Summary :
I’ve mentioned this in many videos that when it comes to an emergency shelter, a tarp is my preferred method and that’s the case above and below the tree line.  There is a misconception that tarps can only be setup with trees and that simply isn’t the case.  With a little experience one can easily set up a shelter on balds, on rocks, in the forest, on the beach and so on. 

Question : Should you purchase this tarp for emergency use; that’s completely up to you.  With my channel, I share my thoughts and perspectives and I don’t influence.  I’ll explain why I like something or why I don’t and you can make up your own mind.

With that being said, this certainly isn’t the cheapest tarp out there and for many people, they aren’t going to need to spend this much money on one.  With that being said, if you feel the need to carry a product for emergencies in your kit, if you want piece of mind, excellent quality, and a life time warranty, it would be hard to recommend a similar product. 

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