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Is Big Tooooooo BIG? - AquaQuest Safari Hybrid Medium Duty 20' x 13' Tar...

After over a year of testing Luke is ready to share his review of the AquaQuest Safari Hybrid Medium Duty 20' x 13' Tarp; it's absolutely top notch in every single way...but can you Handle it? 
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Aqua Quest Safari Medium Duty 20'x13' Tarp Review

Price : Aqua Quest $214 for the olive drab; on Amazon, it was being sold for $200

Colors : Olive Drab Green, Boulder Camo, Woodland Camo, True Terrain Camo, Forester Green, 

Actual Weight with Storage bag : 4lbs 11.4oz

Included : Tarp, Stuff bag

Sizes Available : 10x7, 10x10, 13x10, 15 x 15, and the 20x13

Measurements Unfolded :

Measurements Stored :

Materials :
70D ripstop nylon fabric

Dual Silicone & PU coating - 5,000mm hydrostatic rating

Versions : AquaQuest offers a number of different types of 20 x 13’ tarps;

The Defender, the Safari Hybrid and the Guide.
The Defender is the strongest, heaviest and the most expensive.  Also it is the most waterproof with a 20,000mm hydrostatic rating.
The Guide is the lightest weight and the least expensive.
The Safari Hybrid falls in the middle.

100% Waterproof
Lifetime warranty
70D ripstop nylon fabric
Non-toxic dual Silicone & PU coating
Reinforced stitching
Heat taped seams
Stuff sack included
25 tie out points 

My Use : Over the years I have used this tent in all sorts of capacities;

I’ve taken it backpacking and while heavy, it does offer a ton of protection and space for one person or an entire group of people.

I have also used it with my truck; it makes for an awesome awning of sorts - because it is so large it provides a ton of protection.

Review Pros :
Top Notch Quality

Tons of versatility; The large size allows for an exceptional amount of setups. Can be used at a campsite or with your vehicle.

Lots of protection for multiple people and their gear - blocks wind, rain and sun

With my testing, this tarp has been 100% waterproof. AquaQuest claims 5000mm hydrostatic resistance and I have no reason to doubt this based on my experiences.

Tons of loops along the parameter and also along the top and body; all of these loops translate to an endless amount of setups

Excellent stitching; reinforced areas.

Price : This in my opinion is a pro; yes it is expensive but the quality is so good that I consider the value to be excellent. I have large size cheap tarps but the quality is nowhere close to this. Some have ripped. Some leak. Not this one.

Large, good quality storage bag.

The company offers these tarps in 3 different models so you can get the right strength that you need.

Review Cons :
With a large size tarp, come natural issues such as limited locations to set up.  You need space or you will have to get creative. 

More difficult setups - a tarp this large can make set ups in the forest difficult. 

Heavy – one could argue that it is light for the size but in the end, when you put this in your pack, you will know that it is there. It’s a heavy, large tarp.

Takes up a lot of space inside of your pack

Can be extremely difficult to dry due to the size. You might not think about this before purchasing but it should be considered; the 20x13 is a monster so ask yourself this, if you take it out for a trip and this tarp gets wet, how are you going to dry it? Where are you going to put it? Are you going to string it up to dry?

Summary :
While there is a time and a place for a smaller, lighter weight tarp, I am a big fan of large tarps and if you are looking for a large size tarp, I can easily recommend this product. It‘s pricey but the quality is absolutely excellent.

You get a lifetime warranty with this product and for any trip with the exception of a full on winter storm, this tarp is going to offer you a lot of protection. 

AquaQuest is a company that has earned my respect over the years; I’ve used their products in winter storms with winds over 40mph, I’ve used them in violent thunderstorms, out in the forest, with my truck, on and on. 

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